CFFC: Reminds you of natures beauty

Talk about hard choices. I chose many, then whittled the selection down to six, at which point I stopped whittling. Hope you like them.

October at River Bend – Photo: Garry Armstrong

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  1. Wow!
    These are such lovely captures of nature’s wonderment. Very amazing 🙂


  2. All these photos are gorgeous for this week. 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I think this is what both of us do best. Garry is more likely to include people in his pictures than me. He’s also faster on the shudder than me, so he gets better candid shots. Also, he can walk better than me. Right now, it’s so hot neither of us is doing much walking. It will be over 100 tomorrow then hopefully, this weather pattern will break. Fingers crossed!


  3. You chose well, Marilyn. What an uplifting start to my day! The magestic mountains and all those rich colours make it worth getting out of bed for. Thank you. 🙂


  4. All are great photos.


  5. Beautiful photos Marilyn.


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