CFFC: Basically two colors in your photo(s)

I assumed that a background color when almost all of the picture is two colors would be okay? Anyway, that’s what I did. It rained again today. Isn’t that wonderful?

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  1. Great two colored photos for this week. I like the cardinal and sunflower the best. Ask me tomorrow they maybe different 😀


    • Those are my favorites to. The sunflowers especially — that combination of bright and dark and for once, the pictures came out very sharp, too. I think I finally had enough light to get all the edges. It was a long lens and it’s not super speedy, so getting the flowers out in the sunshine made a big difference. It turned out the lens is fine — as long as there’s enough light.


  2. Lovely, it’s hard just getting two colours in any one photo


  3. 👌👌👌📷🌹


  4. lovely pics, Marilyn


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