It happened again. All white eggs (they are cheaper because, for reasons no one knows, brown eggs cost more here than white eggs in Massachusetts) with one brown one.

As far as I know, there’s no difference in food value between one egg and another — no matter what they say in the advertisements. As far as color goes, it’s all about the kind of scratch the chickens eat. If you could find blue chicken scratch, they lay blue eggs — and you could probably sell those for big bucks.

So there it was. Diversity came to our home. It was imposed, without consent being asked or given. You just can’t stop those liberals from invading our normal lives. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I hope I haven’t insulted any eggs. Any color is fine with me!

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  1. I don’t know why brown eggs would cost more than white or even why they would be sold separately. Those white eggs are really white.
    It is a lot more confusing to buy eggs than it used to be. Eggs from caged birds, barn laid, free range eggs are all different prices. Then there is large, extra large and jumbo sized eggs. No small or medium although I suspect that’s what large and extra large used to be called. The eggs don’t look any different.
    We like to buy the free range eggs even though they cost a bit more. I couldn’t enjoy an egg from a battery hen.


  2. It’s a different shape as well. Rounder, less oval…strange. Was the yolk the same?


  3. An egg is an egg! Brown or white, whatever color it is, its an egg and worth eating!


  4. I know this is crazy but I read somewhere that SOME egg producers paint them brown cos they can charge more.


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