We watch a lot of old movies. We also have been following a CBC series called “The Murdoch Mysteries” which is a co-production with the BBC. In it and in almost all those old shows we love, everyone has a drink in his or her hand all the time. No matter what happens, from murder to emotional crisis, to epic human tragedy, to it simply being noon on a Thursday, the fix is simple. Drink. Have one. Have two. Just drink up, ladies and gents.

Freshen your glass?

It’s a testament to the change in attitude to “social” drinking that at least on media outlets, being a lush is no longer considered hilarious. The glories of drunkenness are no longer celebrated with the enthusiasm of those days of yore.

I’m not convinced this means much to drinkers who are still lining up at bars worldwide. They just drink less on television and maybe in movies. Out in the “real” world, too many people are still knocking them back with the same enthusiasm alcohol has always engendered. Some people really can stop any time they want. Many more can’t.

If “sober” is a dirty word in your life and nobody understands how much you need a drink right now? If your bar tab exceeds half a month’s pay and the only people you know have their own “designated” seats at your bar or pub? If the number of empty bottles in your trash is becoming embarrassing? If the word “lush” feel uncomfortably personal, maybe you’d like to lower your expenses — and save your own life — by not drinking? There is a life away from alcohol.

Consider dropping by the Alcoholics Anonymous® website. It’s free. This is a quiet, worthwhile organization. It can help you.

You don’t have to go it alone. 

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