Festival of Leaves 2022: Week #9 – Most of the Leaves Have Fallen

Indeed they have fallen and all the trees are completely bare. It happened incredibly fast. Literally, overnight, we went from and incredible fall to naked trees and winter.

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  1. We actually did have a beautiful Fall despite all my horrors stories of an early Winter.
    I gotta post some of the pics we took.
    Yours look fantastic!


    • Fall was magnificent here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better color. Apparently, as a result of the drought, we got Autumn suddenly, it lasted only 10 glorious days, and ended in one day. If we hadn’t gotten some rain when we did, we probably wouldn’t have gotten autumn at all. The leaves were beginning to turn brown and curl up — and then, finally, it RAINED.


  2. Oh my goodness I love that white bark!


    • Paper birch. They used to grow all over the northeast, including as far south as Pennsylvania. But there was some kind of fungus that killed a lot of them and the weather is changing and it has gotten too warm for them. We still have them in this part of New England, but usually only near some kind of water. Rivers and ponds. There are many more of them further north.


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