Not just any old snowy morning. The very first snowy morning. All the forecasters said we’d get almost nothing. But Garry’s old pal is semi-retired, but he still very connected to the weather. He wrote to say “Oh yes you WILL get snow. Not a blizzard, but more than a dusting.”

Harvey is always right. It was about four inches and finally, mid afternoon, is melting away. I was up very early just to see the world. There’s a glow in a snow sky that’s unlike any other sky color. This morning it was glowing white with a pink undertone. I had to grab a few pictures before going back to bed. The Duke’s closeup was a bit later.

The sky was slightly more pink than the picture shows, but it was also dark. I lost a bit of the pink while brightening the photo. The shades of dawn are subtle.

And so winter is here. It has warmed up quite a bit since dawn and the sun is out. Still, this was our “official” warning shot. Next time, it could be a lot more. Or nothing. You just never know.

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  1. We didn’t get enough snow to fill a thimble… but I loved looking at yours, Marilyn…


  2. Fab snowy shots, Marilyn. It’s true, winter seems to have arrived all over the northern hemisphere with an icy blast. Love the pic of the Duke – so handsome gazing out into the big white yonder. 🙂

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  3. Just made it outta there in time. Back home in AZ, enjoying what you call winter, and what we call an extended “Spring”. Essentially we have only two seasons, summer and spring.., that is unless you are so hungry for winter that you will risk a trip up north to 7000ft elevation, in which case you’re on your own.

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    • It snowed last night. About 4 inches and it melted on the roads and driveway, though not on the back deck. You probably did make it out just in time because it’s snowing most places. We got the least of it. New York and New Jersey got hit harder, I think (or heard maybe). Glad you got home in one piece! It was great having you!


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