Poor Garry. One of his hearing aids is out for repair, so hearing is a bigger than usual problem. For him, hearing is always a problem but with one aid missing, it’s worse. And now, with his eyes going blurry, he can’t see OR hear.

The blurriness may not be the glaucoma, but something called “Blurry viscous” in which the liquid in his eyes goes blurry and they have to remove the liquid after which his eyes will replace it will clear viscous solution Apparently this is related to his (repaired) cataracts and glaucoma. It seems like all eye problems are in some way related.

I’m hoping they at least really look at his eyes. I don’t they have done any serious checking and I think I am going to try and find a new doctor. He needs a doctor, not a clinic.

Actually, no matter what they do today, I think he needs a better doctor. The problem is that all the good eye doctors are many miles distant, either IN Boston or just north of Boston. It’s about an hour and a half drive to Stoneham where Boston Eye & Ear has a glaucoma specialist, but at least they will have parking. In Boston, parking is never, ever free and costs you more than the doctor.

We’ll be back later and I hope we will know more than we know now!

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    • Migraines. Ocular migraines. Unfortunately there is no medication for them, but on the other hand, they will probably go away by themselves. The only question is how long it will be. A migraine a day can really take the fun out of life. There is one more test to be done next week, but so far, so good.

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  1. I hope they are good.


    • This doctor was a lot more willing to explain what was going on. These are apparently ocular migraines that specifically hit the eyes. There’s no medication that is better than any other, so he’ll have to see our regular doctor and see what he can get the might help. I’m just glad it’s nothing more serious.

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      • That is reassuring. I hope it receives treatment too make it go away.


        • There are a few new drugs which if the doctor thinks they are safe for Garry he could try. But when you are old and you already take other medications, a good doctor (and ours if really good) has to consider all the factors before prescribing anything. That includes sex, race, whether or not you drink, and what else you may have been allergic to. The older we get, the more complicated it gets. No one wants to give me ANYTHING because I already take so many medications AND I’ve had heart surgery AND I’m anemic AND I’ve got arthritis AND I don’t have a working stomach. Other than that? I’m just fine 😁

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  2. Sorry to hear that and I hope the doctors can do something to help Gary.


    • Well, the good news is that it’s ocular migraines. The bad news is that there isn’t much to be done for them. There’s no special medication and they don’t even know exactly what causes them — and it’s a bit odd that they should show up at this late stage in his life. But at least it’s not a brain tumor, though having a crashing headache every night is probably not much fun. I used to get really bad migraines when I was younger. Now, I get the blurry vision, but rarely get those terrible crashing headaches. We have to get to our own doctor, but we have three doctor appointments next week and I think that’s plenty for one week.

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  3. Eyes are definitely worth driving to a specialist to be treated. I hope you find better doctors and good solutions. And cheap parking. But if you can only have 2 out of three, I suspect you will want to suck up the price of parking for a shot at better eye care!


    • They are clustered ocular migraines, it would seem. Now that we know it’s not a brain tumor or some kind of eye degeneration, that’s a relief. It’s still painful and not very treatable, I’m going to hunt down a specialist. He needs to see the same doctor more than once. This business of being sent from one doctor to another and each one is a stranger is not (in my opinion) good medicine. The problem is going to be finding a doctor who isn’t a two hour drive in heavy traffic.


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