It rained like mad in the morning. An hour later it was snowing like mad. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

It looks like sepia, but this is the color of the woods in winter. Sepia and white, or sepia gray

I processed two photos in black and white. It’s a monochrome world in winter.

Front woods in black & white

It’s not a lot of snow and it isn’t as cold as it usually is, but it’s a pretty little snow. Snow is inconvenient and slippery, but it’s also very pretty.

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  1. Nice …
    These days who knows what to expect?


  2. Beautiful colors! I love the cardinal. We are expecting 8 inches tonight. ❄️


    • We got about four last night, but it’s mostly gone already because it just isn’t that cold. So everything melts very quickly. But no problem because there’s another storm on the way tonight.

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      • It’s still rain here, Marilyn. I wonder if it will be a winter wonderland in the morning. I moved my scan and have a Uhaul for moving this weekend. I closed on my house today as I’m moving closer to my family and hospital. Lots of changes at one time. In the long run, it will be good for everyone. You and Garry take care!


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