FOTD: The fat cactus bud becomes a glorious flower

Yesterday, it was a beautiful fat bud. It had its whole life ahead of it. Today, it bloomed when the last flower fell from the plant.

For some reason, my macro lens had a very hard time focusing on the flower. When finally it did, I took a dozen — nearly identical — photographs. Aside from the ones that are completely blurry, they are all the same very crisp, gorgeous red flower. I have to see if there’s another bud. This may be the last of this flowering.

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  1. how we transform, the closed bud becomes the flower, the butterfly emerges from the casing, and as for doubts about the Most High God, how is it possible, amen, hope all is well regard, amen

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  2. What a welcome sight in our world of white right now. Beautiful.

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  3. It is a gorgeous red. The Prickly Pears are in bloom, a medium yellow flower similar to a Japanese Hibiscus.

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    • It’s the brightest flower yet. The other three were red with white streaks, but this one is solid RED. I’m hoping the snow we are expecting is “it” for snow for the season, then with a little luck, outside flowers will bloom.

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