Better late than never! Episode 5 has arrived and it’s a good’un.


In this episode Garry talks about meeting Pope John Paul XI and Mother Teresa and Tom talks about a time on the CBS Morning Show where a funny routine was seen but not heard and how Harry Harrison and Mr G pranked each other on CBS FM. Bit of a religious theme? Pure coincidence. Absolutely coincidence. But weird.

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  1. I watched it this morning and they were all good stories. I don’t remember if Garry had written about the Pope and Mother Teresa on the blog before. I didn’t hear the Duke so I guess the weather was better when they recorded this week.


    • Garry never felt entirely comfortable writing about these two stories, but I had heard them — I can’t remember HOW many times. I think EVERYONE around here had heard both of these stories many times. It’s good he finally got them on a podcast. But you know, I’m sure I will hear them again. Especially the one about Mother Theresa. That was a really big deal for Garry and to this day, he doesn’t know why she picked HIM to talk to. He might well have been the right guy because under her current cynacism is a guy he spent a lot of his early life at church, involved in church activities, going to church camps — and both his parents and his brothers were also very involved with the church. The world has changed, but he still keeps planning to go to church. He just never gets up early enough to get there. If they ever change the time of the service, I have a feeling he’d be right back there again.

      As for the Duke, he started to bark and I got the brilliant idea of feeding him. That calmed him down. Between watching me prepare his dinner, eating it and going outside afterwards it was just enough time to keep him quiet until the show ended. It was snowing, so I could not put him out for any length of time. But food did it. Food is the one thing I can count on 😀


    • We are getting comments and most of them say “we want more Duke”

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  2. these two are so naturally good together and i love their stories

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