CFFC: Things People Drive

The “St. Olaf Choir bus” is definitely a family favorite! Otherwise, I love flying in small airplanes. When we were all younger, we had friends who had planes. Little ones and it was great fun getting to be a passenger.

antique car

How many kinds of transportation have you been on? This particular challenge is “things driven or flown,” but if you have or had a boat (motor or sail), you can add them. Even a kayak, rowboat, raft or canoe would be okay. I’m just curious.

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  1. I, of course, love the St Olaf Choir bus. Your photos are super cool for the week. 😀


  2. I’m completely with you on the pleasures of flying in a small plane! I went up with my father in law a couple of times when he had lessons and we also took a small plane flight over the Grand Canyon. I’m always happy when a commercial flight is in a small plane such as those we flew in in Costa Rica and Botswana 🙂


  3. If I remember right, the reason that bus is a family favorite is that it IS family. Is that Garry’s brother pictured on it?


  4. Great pictures, Marilyn. I particularly like the vintage/antique red car.


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