CFFC: Farm Animals

A lot of the farms along the river have been sold during the past few years. Part of it was probably lockdown and the problems of maintaining the farm without much help. There were other problems among them that farmers got old and their kids didn’t want to be farmers. Lucky for us, all the farms were sold to people who kept them as farms, though they aren’t farming as many animals as before. There are fewer dairy cows, but more chickens. Every other house is selling fresh eggs. There is more corn being grown and of course tons of apples.


The Blackstone Valley is apple central. If we don’t get another plague of gypsy moth caterpillars or drought, all will be well. We are far enough outside any major city that I don’t think we’ll ever be a suburb. Hey, we actually managed to grow some good peaches this year. First time they didn’t taste like cardboard.

The photographs are both mine and Garry’s. I think we need a rerun down in farm country — around the corner.

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  1. Fabulous gallery Marilyn. Too many favourites 🙂


  2. I see both you and Garry get along well with farm animals. Wonderful post 😀


  3. Love to see the small farms with animals and fruit trees!


    • There are a lot of horses. We must have a dozen horse breeders and half of them will also teach you to ride if you ask nicely. But the number of cows is down, though the number of chickens is up. And goats. LOTS of goats and lots of bees.


  4. I really like seeing cows, for some reason I find them very restful to have around. When I was working in Hobart I’d go home on the bus and after we left the suburbs I’d see the paddocks of cows grazing and I’d feel all the stress of the day draining away.
    That baby dwarf goat is absolutely gorgeous too and the ones in coats. So cute.


    • I like cows too. They aren’t quirky and nervous as are many horses, though there’s nothing as satisfying as riding a horse. I really wanted one of those dwarf goats, but little hoofs on the floor seemed a bit much. Still, they are incredibly cute!

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  5. glad to hear that they kept them as farms, great pics


    • They are, though they are not thriving. It’s expensive land to maintain and this isn’t prime farm country. Good for orchards and dairy cows. Not great for other things. The good thing is even with the amazing views along the river there, we are too far away from a major city for the area to be sliced up into little cubes. And the minimum acreage for any house in this area is 3 acres — at least so far.

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