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Is your favorite online shopping site a bit overloaded on this overbloated Cyber Monday?  Well, save your money and check out my wares which you can get for a 100% discount… no promotional code needed.  Yes, it’s time for The Nest to offer absolutely free delivery on more musical weirdness in our Top 30 Novelty Songs Of All Time countdown!  This is a very special edition of the countdown, in which you’ll get not one, not two, not three, but FOUR wonderful pieces of novelty music for the price of none!  Yes, and DJ Scratchy won’t even require that you have Prime membership to partake of this amazing offer.  Order now, Sponkies are standing by….

#6. Anything by Weird Al Yankovic

When I put this novelty song countdown together waaaaay back in the Spring, one of the biggest problems I had to tackle was what to do about the undisputed…

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You should be very familiar with my comic strip layout by now…. six panels laid out in a 3X2 grid.  It hasn’t changed since day one……. well, except for once.

Those of you who have been on WordPress for at least three years will undoubtedly remember the furor caused late in 2014 when WP decided to release its new “superior” editor that every blogger who wasn’t getting a kickback from our host company had very vocally decried as a piece of shit.  Nevertheless, with their very Orwellian powers over us, WordPress officially defaulted the post link over to the new editor in early 2015.  Most of us have long since found our own ways to circumvent this monstrosity and still use the old, classic, and still the best editor to do our daily writing…. making the new editor chapter in WP’s history almost a forgotten footnote again.

But in my attempt to be at my snarky, sarcastic best when it came to trashing WP’s ramming of this new editor down our throats… I came up with this comic which is still my most commented upon comic ever, and one of the most viewed strips on this blog!  This was Comic #144.

Beep beep boop …

Source: Retro Nest Comic – January 29, 2015


When was the last time — if ever — a pharmacy company actually cured something? The only cures I’ve seen come with price tags higher than it was for me to buy this house and maintain it for a decade. Otherwise, cure? Curing is for weenies. They just want to make sure you are on a medication forever and maybe a few days after that.

Source: Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #266 — 6/1/17

Witchy Women

I thought this was a great Halloween cartoon, so here it is, in honor of Day of the Dead, Samhain, All Soul’s Day … and … well, the last day of the best month of the year.

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Some of you (OK, one of you) have noticed that I let my Tuesday “Draw Me A Picture” series kinda slack while Bashful’s adventures were hijacking my blog.  While I can’t promise draw me a pictureDMAP will be anything other than hit or miss for the remainder of the year… I will eventually draw all of the ideas you guys have submitted to me, so don’t worry if you thought I’d forgotten about you (If you even remembered you sent me something yourself!)…

This week’s drawing was requested by longtime friend of The Nest Juliette, the Vampire Maman (I hear she shares a birthday with yesterday’s DVA honoree).  She wanted to see “vintage Halloween pinups of Hottie and her girlfriends.”  I’m not sure this directly qualifies, but it’s the best I got.  Hottie and her friends MBRS and Hooly going all bubble bubble toil and trouble on poor Buster.  Hottie’s a little…

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This piece and its accompanying video clip absolutely made my day. The song is bouncy and cute, but whoever put the video together is just a little bit of brilliant. How the editor so well sychronized the action in the video montage with the song … well. I’ve always been a big fan of really great editing. And the catchy song isn’t bad either! You can catch all the action over at EVIL SQUIRREL’S NEST

The video is wonderful. How many of the movies in the video can you recognize (for silent movie film buffs). I picked out Charlie Chaplin and William S. Hart (the cowboy), but who’s the tap-dancing saloon girl? There’s so much more!

The time has finally come to chill out with the month of October now upon us.  It’s time to get out those sweaters, hot chocolate, and of course on Mondays.. those all-important ear muffs.

The time has finally come to chill out with the month of October now upon us.  It’s time to get out those sweaters, hot chocolate, and of course on Mondays.. those all-important ear muffs.  The seasons may change and the calendar pages may flip, but The Nest will always start off your week with another lost ditty we saved from music history’s burning leafpile.  It’s time for the next Fall classic to the played from the acorn stash we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy is always keeping things cool behind the turntable… and while the Sponkies may be missing the beginning of Spring in their homeland, they certainly won’t miss out on the leaves changing colors like Dennis Rodman’s hair…

dusty vinyl

While everyone loves to make fun of Americans’ tendency to be idiots when it comes to simple world geography, we certainly don’t hold any patents on looking stupid.  You might expect a band named Ottawan to be from, you know, Canada since Ottawa is only the country’s freaking capital city.  But no, it was actually a duo made up of two Caribbean singers which was put together by French record producers to become disco superstars stars in the Eastern Hemisphere.  Can’t we have a little truth in advertising here?  After all, the rock groups Chicago and Boston were both formed in those cities.  It works even with bigger place names, as the band Europe was actually from Europe, Kansas originated in the state of Oz Kansas, and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band hailed from…. you guessed it, Earth!

Dammit Asia! You had to ruin the point I was making...

Dammit Asia! You had to ruin the point I was making…

Ottawan jumped on the disco bandwagon after the US had long since moved on from having Saturday Night Fever.  As a result, the group never charted here at all… only in a handful of European countries and Down Under.  So why do I even know this group exists?  Because this song gets played occasionally on Music Choice’s Party Favorites channel… and I absolutely love it!  Here is Ottawan’s 1981 non-US smash hit, “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)”

Yes, it’s another happy-making song!  You know by now how much I love pop songs like this, and can’t understand why they wouldn’t make anyone else tickled pink when they hear it as well…

Source: Hold Up At The Disco!

Pool Party!

The rain is falling and summer drawing to an end, so we need this! Who doesn’t need a lovely, post-Labor Day pool party. One last big dip before the leaves turn all strange colors?

Thanks Bill! Especially today more than ever, I needed this!!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

pool party

It’s time for your Tuesday requested drawing, and this one comes from Marilyn who wanted to see my critters having a party by the pool.  Hey, don’t listen to those asswipes draw me a picturewho tell you that summer ends on Labor Day.  There’s still two more weeks of the season from hell to go, and with heat indices expected to go over 100 today and tomorrow, it sure as hell doesn’t feel like Autumn.  So don’t put that swimwear in storage just yet…… except for you, Buster.  That mankini…. it’s scaring all the guests.  Even that Peeping Marshall peering over the fence at my half nekkid critters…

My inbox hasn’t exactly been blowing up with Draw Me A Picture ideas since I started this project a couple weeks ago, so please…. keep this feature from only running a few weeks and submit any and all ideas you might have by going here

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This is a great story and it’s also true! This is peak baseball season. Time for some thrills and chills that have absolutely nothing to do with politics! From the inimitable Evil Squirrel’s Nest, I give you …


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Mother Nature's always at her worst when I go to a ballgame. Mother Nature’s always at her worst when I go to a ballgame.

If you happen to be one of those weird people who actually keep track of my weekly picture dayfeatures, then you’re probably looking at your squirrel calendar right now wondering if it’s really Wednesday already.  No… calm down.  It’s still just Tuesday.  If you have a stereotypical job, you’ve got another three and a half days to toil away yet before the next weekend.  I decided to run Picture Day a day early this week because I wanted to commemorate the night I had a front row seat to the most wicked weather event this city’s seen in my lifetime… and that occurred ten years ago today on July 19, 2006.

It was just another Wednesday night at the ballpark for me… it was also the one game each year my Mom tags along to.  Which is good, because…

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I wanted to do a simple reblog … only to discover that the reblog function isn’t working. I guess you can’t expect ALL WordPress functions to work at the same time on the same day. I mean, hey, I have pingbacks, right? So this is a non-official reblog, but it made me smile and smiles have been few and far between this past week.


Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #214 — 6/2/16


We Interrupt This Program…

Perfect for today and worth a reblog!

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This is a news flash from the Evil Squirrel’s Nest News Network!

People all across the world are reporting strange sightings!  Social media sites are abuzz with news of bizarre appearances of a mysterious creature that has been dubbed “The Rainbow Donkey”.  ESNNN exclusively obtained the following photo the Balzac family took while vacationing in Colorado, one of the first alleged sightings of the rainbow beast.

rd vacation Wish you were here!

What is that mysterious being in the background, and why is Rover not the least bit interested in it?

These alarming eyewitness reports of this strange multicolored beast have occurred almost everywhere, from densely populated cities to the middle of nowhere!

rd desert That is the cutest little mirage I’ve ever supposedly seen.

Hallucinations, you say?  Perhaps the work of the same clever con men who made all of those crop circles appear?  So what if people are seeing unicorns, you might…

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