Upturned Noses — Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

I’m all for equality — especially in the legal system — but.

I’m picky about computers though I’m not sure it qualifies as snobbery. My machines are big, bad, and fast. I’ve been told I’m using archaic technology. I’m not. My computers — 3 and 4 years old — are as fast and powerful as anything they are selling now. How come? Because I bought state-of-the-art, top quality computers in the first place.

Unlike the el cheapo glitzy stuff people buy, then complain it’s obsolete before they take it out of the box, mine keep up with the Joneses, Smiths, or Greenburgs. Why should I go through the hassle of transferring all my data and applications to a new, but not better, computer when the ones I own do exactly the same thing?

Who’s the snob?


I’m snobbish about cameras. Absolutely. I don’t care how many megapixels you pack into your cell phone. It isn’t a camera. It’s a widget that can take pictures. If you take a horse and teach him to walk on a leash, is he a dog? If the dog can perform a dance on two legs, is he a person? You are welcome to your opinion, but on this one, you won’t get me to change mine.

And then … there’s coffee.


I have a single, unassailable standard. It has to taste really good. If I could find cheap coffee that tasted like expensive coffee, I would definitely buy it. And, in fact, the coffee I buy is mid-priced. It’s not the most expensive stuff … but it doesn’t come in giant cans from the supermarket either. And I buy it online because I get a better price.

If I’m snobbish about anything, it’s people. I need to be around people who think. Are creative. Have ideas. Read books. Can discuss stuff. Intelligently. Who don’t talk in slogans. Who have their own opinions and don’t mindlessly parrot somebody else’s lines.

I cannot abide people who believe what they believe because “that’s the way I was brought up” or “my minister says so.” To parrot words you’ve never questioned? It doesn’t work for me.

Hyannis downtown people

I know what Jesus said, but he wasn’t hanging with the hoi-polloi either. He talked about the meek, but he had his own tight group of pals and never left their company.

Intellectual snobbery is the Achille’s Heel of the intelligent and educated. If pride is the ultimate sin, then I’m guilty. Pride of intellect, pride of personal accomplishment, pride of knowledge. Can stupid, uneducated people have great ideas?  Maybe, but I’ve yet to see it. Hollywood loves the idea and it makes a great story.

In real life, is it true? You tell me.

31 thoughts on “HUBRIS?

  1. I live in a part of the country where there are no “old” neighborhoods. Everythings state of the art high tech and ultra modern. Just look around you on mass transit. Everyone’s plugged into their latest, greatest high tech cellphones that keep getting bigger so that now they won’t fit in your pocket anymore. Didn’t we go through this downsizing then upsizing with compact cars? Portlanders are snobs, coffee snobs, beer snobs, pot snobs. I drink McDonald’s coffee, two cups a day, that’s it. I don’t even own a coffee maker. I drink tea, plain old Lipton in tea bags from any grocery store. I don’t drink beer, I’m a recovering alcoholic since 1979.

    My iMac 21.5″ computer is a vintage 2010 model stuffed to the max with high-speed RAM. It runs on the latest Apple operating system and is just as fast as the day I bought it. I use what works and load the latest, greatest software on it. Ta Da!


    • MacDonalds has good coffee these days. I don’t drink tea at all, so it hardy matters. And my computers, like yours, were high end to begin with and run as well as ever. People buy glitzy and new without understanding value. Newer doesn’t mean better. I may BE better … but often, it isn’t. Go BOB.


  2. Phones are most definitely not cameras! My phone takes great pictures in decent light of trees and such, but I tried taking a picture of the beautiful moon last night and all I got was a little bright spot in the middle.
    Maybe at bonus time next year, I’ll get me a nice camera. I wanted one this year but I was still paying off the extra money I borrowed for legal fees and tax when I bought the house 😦


    • Houses make you poor. All of us. An OLD house can clean you out altogether I don’t know camera prices in the UK, but I can’t believe they are that much higher than here, especially since all of them are imported from Germany or Japan. When the time comes, maybe I can help. Meantime, you’re right. A camera is a camera. A phone is … what? I’m not actually sure any more.


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