From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-legged beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!
– Traditional Scottish Prayer

I’ve never met a ghoul, and I have questions about long-legged beasties, but I can speak from personal experience about things that go bump in the night. Long ago in a house far away, we had our own ghosts, or at least “night bumpers.”

Brick House HadleyI cannot claim to have seen a ghost, but I lived in a house where we could hear them. It was 1965 when we bought our tidy little brick house. It had been built in 1932. Most of the house was on the ground floor — kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and the bath. The upper floor had an unfinished attic and a big bedroom. It was a small house. Solid, a short walking distance from the college where my husband worked and where I was finishing my B.A.

The ambiance of the house from the moment we walked into it was cozy. Friendly. It welcomed everyone, made them feel at home. The house had been built by a couple who had lived there for more than 30 years. They had raised children their children and eventually died in that house.

They were not murdered or anything sordid. They merely grew old and passed on in the house they loved. We loved it too.

The house was a bit neglected. Not falling down, but in need of paint and some modernization. Cosmetic fixes. Paint. Floors needed refinishing. The boiler needed updating.

For the first few months, we lived on the ground floor, but we planned to move to the big upstairs bedroom. It was spacious and had windows full of light. We decided to fix it up, give it a coat of paint and redo the floors before settling upstairs.

Shortly after we moved in, our ghosts began to walk. It was startling the first time we heard it. Loud. Clear. Heavy footsteps, like the soles of hard leather shoes or boots. Plus the sharper noise of heels. It turned out everyone — anyone — could hear it. The noise started every night around eight and continued off and on until midnight.

We called the walkers “The Old Man” and “The Old Woman.” They wore different shoes. Her shoes had that sharp sound — high heels on hardwood. His shoes were clunkier, maybe work boots. Both of them had died in the house, so they were prime candidates for ghosthood, especially since no one else had lived in the house until us.

Initially, we heard them upstairs and on the stairway. After we painted the stairs, the footsteps retreated to the upper floor. Once we began painting the bedroom, we heard them for a while longer, but only in the attic. Then, one day, our ghosts were gone. They never came back.

Were they watching to see if we cared for their home? Were we all hallucinating? Maybe the couple who had lived there were watching. Making sure we did right by their house.

I suppose we passed muster and they felt it was okay to leave.

Life is full of stuff that can’t be explained rationally and we didn’t try. But I’ll bet anyone who was in our house during the months our ghosts walked never doubted what they heard.


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  1. I’ve moved around a bit and lived in some … well .. strange places. But I learned how to get rid of unwelcome residents and entities. Most ghosts are harmless of course, but I still don’t want them around. Best they move along anyway. Shoo ghost.


  2. I don’t do ghosts, but have had a few strange experiences. They found a skeleton with the skull next to it (was decapitated) just next to where we live when they were building a few new apartment blocks. Nothing strange, although where we live it used to be the site for the gallows in the far gone days.


  3. I have also heard ghosts when living in London. Not just in one place either. Not to mention what I felt when I visited Dachau concentration camp just outside of Munich. A bit eerie.

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    • I have felt unhappy presences in many places especially where people died. Gettysburg is famous for ghouls and ghosts and of course, many other graveyards. I would never go to Dachau or any of the death camps. After one trip to Yad V’Shem, the first of the Holocaust Museums in Israel, I never went back. When guest wanted to visit, I waited in the car. Once was enough. More than enough.


  4. Great story. I’ve had a few expierences but I sort of live in denial.


    • We weren’t looking for an experience, though I suppose none of us were opposed to one. It was the last house in the world you’d expect to have ghosts. To this day, I’ve never been able to explain the phenomenon. It happened. We were witnesses, as were most of our friends. Maybe it was some kind of natural event for which we have no current explanation. If so, I’d like to hear it!


  5. My fellow teachers claim to have seen a ghost on campus. I keep looking for it but can’t find it.

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    • I’ve never SEEN anything. Just heard. But it was pretty convincing and I’ve never come up with an alternate theory.


    • I worked for a few ghouls. Colleagues at my brief stint with a Connecticut TV station will confirm that management included a member of the living dead. The ghosts of news stories past revisit me frequently. Goes with the territory, I guess. How many r’s in territory?


  6. Thanks, Marilyn. You’ve given me a great idea for my Halloween post.



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