It appears to be the end of the road for me and Windows.

I’m just bought what I suspect will be my last Windows machine, the most powerful Alienware computer I could configure — or afford. It had better last a long time. I’ve tried using Windows 8.1 on Microsoft tablets (two of them) as well as my friend’s desktop. I hate it.

alienware side view computer

From everything I have read, the worst of the problems of Windows 8 will morph into “features” on Win 10, the classic “smoke and mirrors” approach to software.

“Oh, it isn’t a bug … IT’S A FEATURE!”

You got that right. It’s not that Microsoft has made it impossible to run non-Microsoft products on my computer .They are protecting me from the big, bad, world. Nor will they provide me with alternative software to perform those tasks. Microsoft wants me locked into their universe and I must use their applications to do whatever I want or need to do.

If by some chance I have a twisted urge to do other things and Microsoft doesn’t have appropriate applications or tools? Gee, that’s too bad. Microsoft has set the bar, made the rules. All you zombies will march in step and pay us for the privilege.

Not this zombie. Nor a whole lot of my fellow zombies.

Mind you I am no super fan of Mac, either. I have a heavy investment in Windows-based software, which is how come I have put up with this crap so far. But there is a line over which you cannot push me because I won’t let you.

You cannot tell me to live in your universe to the exclusion of all others “for my own safety.” No matter what you believe, it’s my world too. My computer. My money. My investment, work, effort, creativity. You cannot, will not force me to do it your way. This is not happening. Thanks for warning me.

I’ll start saving now for the investment I will have to make in the future to change to a different system. And shame on you writers for not doping out the obvious end result of this shill game … the end of freedom of choice for anyone who buys into the Microsoft system.

And so, Mr. Bott, author of “Microsoft reveals audacious plans to tighten security with Windows 10” — the latest in a long line of ZDNet shill articles about the wonders of Windows 10: What happened to journalistic ethics? Did they pay you to lose them or just make it clear you have to tow the party line or else? I can’t believe you actually believe the drivel you’re writing.

When I started in the high-tech writing biz, we limited shilling for sponsored products to the “new products” columns. We didn’t feature them. We were encouraged to use our best judgment and commonsense when writing lead articles.

I’m embarrassed to have been a member of the same profession. Ashamed. You should be too.

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  1. I always thought ZDNet was owned – partly or fully – by MS. I wonder why 😉


  2. My kids tell me, MAC is the way to go. I’m still fooling around with Windows 7 (on one computer) & Windows XP on my older unit (because I’m too tight/broke to update some of my more expensive software. Software and these operating platforms are a money-making racket, the way I see it.


    • That’s why I invested in the highest-end Windows 7 computer I could manage (on credit, of course). I can’t afford to reacquire all the software … especially my graphics stuff. Replacing the software would cost MORE than the new computer … and that’s a lot of money, especially because like you, we are broke. And retired, so there’s a zero likelihood of our getting any richer. Ever.

      A lot of the software I use isn’t available anymore — half of it was never made for Mac at all. It’s so frustrating to be at the mercy of corporations apparently run by immoral morons.


  3. My father has an old Macbook that he brought in Canada about 7 years ago and it is still working great. Me, I had a Mac until ex-Hubby stole it and I really miss it. Now I am working on my daughter’s old Windows 7. it is ok but I hate the fact that it doesn’t allow me to access my Mac hardware that I managed to selvage. At least with a Mac I could still run Windows on it so I could access my older photos and other Microsoft programmes.


  4. Maybe because I went from a 7-year-old Mac running an ancient OS (Tiger!) to my current computer that I don’t mind WIndows 8.1. YET.

    Admittedly, I don’t do much on here so I can understand and accept I am one of the few who isn’t having issues (YET).


    • It makes so much stuff unnecessarily difficult. You can’t easily get “under the hood,” either and for some of us, that’s not a small thing. AND the incompatibility issues with a lot of expensive software. It’s bad design. Ironically, it’s (at heart) quite similar (under the GUI) to Win 7. As Win 7 was very similar to XP and XP to whatever preceded it. But they put this klutzy interface on top, so you can’t even use the additional functionality … whatever it is. I suppose it depends what you do on your computer.


  5. Had one of the first little Macs and never strayed. For photography and creative ventures, they are the best, IMHO. My husband has a PC and has had tech support out numerous times, in all the years I have had Mac, tech support just once, years ago and just to replace a battery. Yes, they are more expensive in the initial buy, but well worth it in the long run.


    • I’m a bit short on “long run” these days. I had Macs when I was younger, but there were too many compatibility issues with clients. I needed a business machine. Times have changed and I’m retired, and Mac has solved most of the cross-compatibility problems (but not all of them). If/when my new machine dies, I’ll consider the options. Personally, I’m hoping Microsoft comes to their collective senses.

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  6. I also had a funny feeling about windows since No. 8 appeared which I never had, My Acer computer is still Windows 7 which is OK. My main work is blogging and photography. As you know I switched to mac at the same time you bought your new super machine. I am happy with my Mac, have now learnt the ropes. Had a bit of a problem with saving files and photos, but now have everything under control and have never regretted my choice. It was perhaps a more expensive choice, but I now have quality. There was a problem with the mail systm which did not work for the first couple of weeks, due to the incompetence of our swiss Bluewin mail system and comptabilitiy with the new Apple Yosemite programme. After online discussions with them it is now working and I am a happy apple eating bunny. I am not a computer expert, but know what I want, and Apple does it for me nicely thankyou. Thankyou Marilyn for your interesting and enlightening blog.

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    • I’ve worked on Macs. Quite a lot of them over the years. I’ve worked on everything, actually, including systems that no longer exist. But I own software that only runs on Windows and replacing it is a frightening thought. Big money. Just Photoshop would be a couple of hundred dollars, if not more. My new computer runs Windows 7, which, as you say, is fine. But as for the future, I really don’t know what I’m going to do … Unless the new Windows system is a lot better than I expect, it won’t be Windows. Maybe Linux.


  7. I didn’t realize that Microsoft was moving to a more closed system. It always used to be that Microsoft (DOS and then Windows) was the open architecture and the Mac was closed. But now it seems that Microsoft, too, is closing itself up to anything not “approved” my Microsoft. It’s a shame that they can’t just provide an OS that allows us to choose our own applications outside of their walled city.


    • It’s just one more attempt by a corporation to make us march to their drum. I’m sick and tired of it. What happened to “the customer is always right?” I don’t like my choices. ANY of my choices. I think I’ll wind up using Linux. If I have to switch, I might as well go where they aren’t charging me big bucks for the privilege of being massively inconvenienced..

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      • Years ago, we installed Linux on one of our homemade computers. I never had time to “learn” it though, was still working long, stressful hours back then. I wondered, when I was reading this post, if Linux was still around and if it would be an alternative. It sounds like it is.

        Meanwhile, I’m going to hang on to Win7 for as long as I can on both of my computers, the future looks grim for me and Windows.

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        • Linux is around and more user-friendly than it was. You can buy (cheap) out of the box GUIs for it. I’ve worked on UNIX, which is similar and before they shot themselves in the head, DEC (also similar). It wouldn’t be hard for me to make the change … and it was never really all that difficult. The problem is getting software you want. So much of my expensive stuff — Photoshop — is windows based. Otherwise, I’d have changed long since.


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