I used to long for many things. Later, I did most of them. Now they are memories. No need for longing.

These days, I long for simple things. Warm weather. Bright skies. This morning, very early — just before five — the sun was rising as the moon was finishing her travels across the night sky.


The moon longed for me. She told me so.


At least, I believe that is what she said. Sometimes, when the moon speaks, her language is strange and not entirely clear.

What do you think?

24 thoughts on “MOONSET AT SUNRISE

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  2. A shot that can only be captured during a waning crescent. I have often found it odd we can see through the “dark” part of the moon while it is up during the daylight… only a faint glow of the illuminated part is visible. Of course, that will all be proven to be nonsense during next year’s big eclipse…


    • Thank you for identifying the phase of the moon. I figured it was a waning something because it was on the left … I think waxing is on the right. My right, not its right. I wasn’t sure if it was a waning quarter, crescent, or half. Or something else. Quadrangle? No, wait, that’s where you smoke pot on campus …


      • I have no idea which side is waning and which is waxing… but I do remember from many 2 AM lunch breaks outside that it’s in the week after a full moon (waning) that the lunar sphere is out and about at its peak at that unholy hour… thus meaning it would still be visible in the east while the sun was rising. Waxing moons would then be the sunset equivalent…


    • It’s nice that I have that window. I have a deck that faces the same direction, but it doesn’t have as good an angle. That’s THE window. The one and only. Sometimes, I curse at it when the sun streams in and wakes me up … but then I grab a camera and say “thank you” 😉

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    • No. You just went right back to sleep, and there I was, messing around with cameras. Considering I took these without putting on my glasses … I guess I should praise the lord for autofocus!


  3. Lovely blue sky on your photos and moon contrast. We have dark grey currently and no sign of the moon, although I rarely venture out when daylight goes, and we have blinds on the widows. Tabby shows no interest in moon watching at the moment she is still in semi hibernation. When summer arrives we often see the moon during daylight.

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    • It was very lovely this morning. It’s rare that I can get a sky with a sunrise and a moon at the same time. It was elegant. It also made me wish my camera has a faster lens!! We have plenty of gray days here too. Just not this particular morning.


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