Jealousy or envy, the big green monster. Unless you live in Boston, in which case it’s a big, green, left-field wall. Just saying.

I’m not much given to envy. With the following exceptions:

  1. People who live near ancient ruins. I want to dig!
  2. People who grew up with horses. I want your childhood.
  3. Anyone who has a house with no stairs. I’ll swap you.


So, I’m pretty much good to go. I’ve got problems, but so does everyone else. Life hasn’t been easy, but it has also been incredibly interesting. Rich with experiences. I’ve got a great marriage, a few terrific friends, dogs, a home, a good little car, lots of books, and a huge, high-definition television. And we live reasonably near Fenway Park.


If someone would like to round out my life by donating a largish sum of cash, I’d give you a big hug and a thank you. Beats out what you’ll get from donating the same amount to a some politician’s PAC, doesn’t it?

Otherwise, I’m good. So is life.

32 thoughts on “THE GREEN MONSTER

    • I think all of us — including me, from time to time — need to look at what we have (as opposed to what we think we lack) and realize that we’re good. Really good. If we have a home, loved ones, food on the table and we are alive to greet the day, we’re doing okay. How much do any of us really need?

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  1. Let’s meet somewhere in the middle, I think our housing tastes are very similar, although you can have the horses and I will have some cats. We can share the dogs. Is there an island big enough for all of us in the middle of the Atlantic, or perhaps go pacific way and end up in Kazachstan. We could keep yaks.

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    • Yaks are smelly and Kazakhstan is notoriously hot, but I hear Kyrgyzstan has some pretty nice terrain. I’m pretty sure Pitcairn Island is available these days too, at least it was when I last checked. I like cats. We don’t have them because they are incompatible with where we live and the local wildlife which eats cats. I’m probably past needing horses, but if someone else takes care of them, I’ll enjoy the company. And especially YOUR company 🙂


  2. Sorry, I am so broke I can’t help you. I am not jealous of those with money & big houses – I have a small one level apartment (no stairs) so I am happy with that. I am not the type to waste my precious energy on coveting what others have – I need it all for myself


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