12 thoughts on “FOOTPRINTS IN SNOW”

    1. I actually did that set that up. I wanted a clear set of tracks — in and out — to shoot. I also like the tread pattern of those boots. I’d shot “accidental” footprints many times, but in that set, I was was careful to not make a mess of the snow πŸ™‚


  1. Back in April ’56 when my family was in the process of moving from Brooklyn to Long Island, spring had sprung and it looked like a good time to take some stuff out to the new house. So my Dad and I packed a bunch, the night before, into the old ’47 Plymouth and headed for the hills…, er.. Island, next morning. When we arrived what was a little dirty slush and wet spots in the city was 15″ – 18″ of beautiful snow on the ground… We were also moving into a house that was the deepest one in a cul de sac.., which was, BTW, unplowed. I loved it as we trod through the deep snow carrying stuff into the house from where the car was parked in the street at the entrance to the cul de sac. My Dad wasn’t too happy as it was an indication of years to come, but he stopped bitching after we’d made enough trips to cut a path to the house. It was a great day, to me, and this was an adventure!

    Bottom line; You just can’t count on winter being over until it’s really over


    1. Oh, I know. In New England, you can be pretty sure it’s safe after Easter comes and goes … but every once in a while, there’s a snow as late as May. Rarely, but it happens. And sometimes, as early as September which is bad because the leaves haven’t come down and the snow causes serious damage to plants and trees.

      Usually, though, you can look at a weather map and know that winter is over, except for a few flurries here and there. We didn’t have those up to date weather maps when we were kids. Now, though, if you can read the map, you can see what the winds are doing and that tells you what your weather is likely to be. True, it can change, but there are seasonal patterns and we are in the spring into summer pattern now. It might snow, but it wouldn’t be more than a couple of inches and it would melt in hours.

      It was an easy winter and I think will be a nice, long, summer. We need a nice, long summer. With decent rainfall, please.


  2. Good photos of the footprints. I can only get pawprints, but felines do not like snow, so it does not happen very often. This year we had very little snow, just a couple of weeks. It was not even so cold as usual.


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