I always thought it would be zombies. Lurching dead people yearning to eat my brain, shambling around moaning. But it isn’t. Nope, it’s caterpillars. Gypsy moth caterpillars. Coming not to eat me (so far), but anything that’s green and growing. And doing a damned good job of it, too, I should add.


They stripped the tall oaks in a day and a night. Without missing a beat, they cleaned off the birch trees, rhododendrons and got to work on the maples and firs. The pine trees will die. They can’t survive defoliation. I’m told by others that they are including any fruit trees they can get to, probably as a light dessert.


The ground is seething with caterpillars, the house crawling with them. It’s the end of life on earth? Probably not … unless they come again next year and then, it might be.

They are killing my fuchsia, eating the unconquerable day lilies. Are even the hosta safe?

Call it the apocalypse of the trees. If trees could talk to us, I’m sure they would agree.


When they are finally gone, which will be in about a month, give or take a week or two, there will be a lot of rebuilding to do. Essentially, everyone will have to recreate their plantings, clear out the corpses, and come up with a plan.

2016. Remember this date. This is the year the gypsy moths beat the humans in a blowout game of epic proportions.


NOTE: As I was reading this, having just pressed “Publish,” I noticed a phalanx of the hairy bastards crawling up the side of the sofa accompanied by several big black ants. Are they building a united front?

I sprayed the hell out of everything and now, breathing is dicey. I just killed another ant crawling across my keyboard. Do we want to discuss “creeped out?”

I’m almost nostalgic about the good old days when ants and mice in season were the worst of the invaders.

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  1. OMG! You are clearly having a caterpiller invasion. But what’s worse is what’s coming… MOTHRA! 😉


  2. My husband, who is terrified of moths, would be packing his bags to get out of there before they turn. I hope your trees, and you, of course, survive this ordeal!


  3. That sounds truly horrible. I’ve never experienced such a thing and would not like to. Gypsy Moth is such a pretty name too , far too good for these critters.

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  4. One word- Scary.
    Give me all the money in the world but I still won’t agree to live through a condition like that. It is so damn creepy. :3 How can you sleep knowing something may crawl up your skin any moment (I am shuddering at the thought!!!) ?

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  5. wow how awful- a real invasion and such destruction!

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  6. Since the early 1990s, Chicago has had a plan to battle this pest. I do not think we have had a problem in decades. They use a fungus that that kills caterpillars and is safe to the environment. Sometimes the government actually works for us.

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  7. No way was I hitting ‘like’ on this post. If there had been an ‘I hope you survive’ button I would have hit that.

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  8. We had an ant problem last year, probably because of the house being torn apart. What totally freaked me out is that whenever we would see one large black ant, it was almost always accompanied by one small black ant. Talk about conspiracy!

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  9. WE had an invasion of ants – they crawled over the dining table, everywhere in the bathroom, and of course the kitchen. Finally after the normal over the counter stuff didn’t work the landlord brought in the heavy guns. We had to disappear for the day while he fumigated the house. Now we are ant free. We couldn’t leave anything at all in the kitchen. They had even invaded the dishwasher. Good luck with the heavy guns

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    • We have to be careful because of the dogs … and US … and the birds, the wetlands (this area is all considered wetland). Fortunately, they make some non-toxic spray i can use in and around the house which only kills crawling things. It makes it a little hard for Garry and I to breathe, but it doesn’t exactly poison us. That’s for the ants.

      The caterpillars are even more tricky because stuff that kills them also kill bees — which are having problems anyway. The stuff that doesn’t kill the bees, kills birds. We need the birds. And other stuff kills the bats who were almost wiped out by their own plague a few years ago and are just beginning to recover. I’ve been assured that this stuff won’t kill anything but caterpillar, garden beetles, and some other crawling things that we won’t miss. I just hope it at least makes inroads into their population. There are SO MANY of them.

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    • Wish I had Steve McQueen’s sawed off shotguns from “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. I’d blast those buggers to smithereens.

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  10. I am scratching as I read this……

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  11. I’ve noticed a few of those large ants inside our house too. No caterpillars yet. What a nightmare! I’ sorry you are going through this.

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  12. But they are eating themselves to death. If they kill off all the trees what else can they eat. Do you think they might mutate and …. no, not that, but gives me an idea for a horror story. I had slugs last year that made holes in my hostas, the ones with the light green stripe. This year I was ready and emptied a whole box of slug pellets, the blue ones, between the roots. One thing is certain, I look at every caterpillar in my garden now with suspicion, especially the furry ones.

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    • Gypsy moths are opportunistic and in a pinch, they will eat anything that grows, including the grass. There is an end to this … about a month from now, when they turn into ugly little brown moths. Then we will have moths everywhere, but the crawlers will be gone. Garry and I were trying to decide whether it was worth watering the fuchsia. Finally, he did. Of course the watering can was crawling with caterpillars too. The spray people are coming sometimes today. I hope it helps!! If it just cuts down the number by a few million, that would be worth something.


    • It’s not pretty, Mrs. Swiss.
      Last night, we were watching the telly and I saw imaginary flies. Then I looked down at my white lounge pants and saw a black caterpillar. A rogue caterpillar trying to catch me off my guard. I sprang to my feel like I was 21 again and dispatched the bugger!!


  13. Here’s it’s something else but a similar scenario. For the caterpillar there is redemption – when they become butterflies. Good luck with this problem.

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