This was too good not to post. If you’ve already watched it, then you know and of course, if you’ve been following U.S. national events, you also know. But this is a very good wrap up and I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Both? Because this is the worst of times for the U.S. … but maybe, if we prove we have a country that can withstand the worst, maybe it’s after all, a good time. The world is a crazy place and this is one crazy time to be living in it.


Someone commented yesterday (I wish I remembered who and I apologize) that “When you elect a game show host without any experience in government or legislation to run the United States, what could possibly go wrong?”

I think we are beginning to see an answer to that.

I feel so young again. Just like watching the press tear Nixon a new one, I get to watch a daily rundown of “How bad can it get? Film at 11!” There is nothing they can run on television that could be as fascinating as what is playing out in Washington DC. I feel downright young again.

24 thoughts on “WORSE THAN WATERGATE

  1. I’m an amateur historian and I guess you could say Watergate is my area of expertise. Because I wasn’t born until a few years after Nixon resigned, I’m watching this all play out in disbelief. It really is worse than Watergate.


    • Worse than Watergate by a LOT. All Nixon did was be a lying schemer and take on the press … and get really burned. This time, I think it’s probably as close as you can get to actual treason, but no one seems surprised. It’s like “Oh, yeah, right, well y’know, he’s a BUSINESSMAN and we all know what they are like.”

      My husband was a working reporter during the Nixon years and I was a young woman, listening to the stuff coming out of there. It was like bingeing on a TV show. I watched everything, every day. It was fascinating. This is not so fascinating. Closer to sickening. I’m an amateur historian too and I am appalled that we could be this stupid as a nation. But, obviously, not only are WE this stupid, but so are a bunch of other countries … and everyone should know better. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

      Don’t they teach even basic history in schools these days? Does no one read books?

      Thanks for writing!


  2. Just after the election friend of mine expressed his fears and anxieties about Trump’s win to his 28 year old son.His son was taken aback, he was looking forward to the fireworks that were in store. “C’mon Dad, it’s going to be a shit show” was how he put it. Just remember this too shall pass!


  3. I watched most of it, (Rachel and her hand gestures does get on my nerves after awhile) but I kept thinking, people are, literally, gonna die before this is over. It’s that kind of mess. I would not want to be the spouse or the family of any of those high ranking gummint officials right now, I’d imagine dinner times are a bit strained…
    I may go back later after the Mister is in bed, he tends to still think that Trump walks on water. I really don’t want to get into a hissing contest at this point. =)

    This really begins to make Watergate look pretty thin, doesnt it. Watergate was basically about a simple burglary gone bad. This is about an entire government that is hurtling toward hell in a very large bus.

    Yep, happily horrifying works for me, as well as hopefully terrified, too.

    For now, Im just going to sit over here under this protective shield and watch.

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    • I have been thinking that if this were “Scandal,” we’d be looking for the corpse.

      I think I may BE looking for the corpse. This is so unreal. I keep hiccuping as I watch it. is this … America???

      I may need a new tinfoil hat. Maybe two.

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        • Garry and I were just talking. Congress — both parties — have a perfect opportunity to get together and do something good for this country. They don’t NEED the president to sign off on it. if they worked in a bi-partisan way, they could actually accomplish things that need doing. Republicans have been so busy saying no for the past eight years, they have forgotten how to be a functional political party. if a few of them remember and that whole “for the good of the people” thing, the two parties could do things together that neither could ever do alone. And it would be about time.

          This is like a bad movie about some tiny, weird banana republic. We really don’t have to be that way. There are obviously a solid number of moderate republicans and more than enough middle-of-the-road democrats to set things to rights. If only they would. If only.


          • Repulicans who could negotiate don’t exist. Today’s “moderate” is a far right crazy. Tea Party are even worse. Nothing will get done. Incompetence is our friend.


            • It’s a pity. Because they COULD do something great, but I’m sure they won’t. They aren’t great. We already know Drumpf is probably heading for oblivion, but the guys in congress are not necessarily ALL insane. I know it is unlikely, but i hold out a tiny ray of hope. Meanwhile, incompetence is indeed our ally.


    • Judy, Rachel’s “manners” are somewhat over the top — like “get what I’m saying?” and annoying to me as a retired TV newsie. But she’s very sharp and a breath of fresh air. I agree with you about this being a “Lost Weekend” for 45’s minions and their families.


  4. Great to read you post, Marilyn, and to listen to Rachel. What we are dealing with is horrifying, and the good news is that there are many of us in many places inside government as well as ordinary citizens who care enough to pull the strings that lead to whatever truth they unravel.

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    • Some string pullers had the wrong reasons, but whatever reasons they had, they worked for me.

      On the other hand, I believe the noise we’ve made, the posts, the signatures, the petitions — it all matters. I’ve been saying for a while. It may seem we’re not doing anything, but collectively, we make a big difference. I’m sure that the 40 some odd Republicans who didn’t vote for that horrible medical plan were sure if they did, they wouldn’t be reelected.

      There’s our bottom line: our reps don’t work for the president or their party. They work for US.

      Now, we just have to hang on and not lose focus. I live in hope. Always hope.


    • Rachel’s wrap of the week past would sound like a comic’s monologue except it’s full of scary truths and implications of even more horrible facts to be revealed.

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