Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 16, 2017

Lots of little things going on. Finally, at long last, the dead rose-bush has been removed. It turned out not to be entirely dead and the living piece is still in place. So I won’t be planting something new. That bush is going to grow and take over that upper section of the garden. Actually, now that it has been so heavily cut back, it is probably going to grow like crazy.

I have learned the hard way. Don’t fill up the garden. It will fill up all by itself. And very fast, too.

The yellow car has been sold, but not yet taken away. We weren’t using it and older cars need to be driven or they just quietly fall apart. Bought by the son of a neighbor, it’s a good little car. Needs new brakes and a battery, but it’s good driver and Garry has always loved it. Bye bye yellow car. I like the way it matched the forsythia.

The dogs favorite game is to stand on the top step as I slowly move on up the stairs. They think being above me is hilarious. Maybe it is.
Photo: Garry Armstrong – Wet flag in heavy rain.


  1. Original yellow car , you might miss it, bu probably not so much the rose bushes, but they will be back more ferocious than ever. Animals do hav a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


    1. I think the roses are safe! Those thorns are impressive. The bulbs though, deer like to eat them and skunks will dig them up if the dogs don’t scare them away. If we didn’t have dogs, I doubt we’d have much of a garden.


  2. I love your daffodil so bright and yellow. I have a photo of a flag we had once that bend down because of heavy ice on it. I’ve never put it on my blog. We brought the flag inside to thaw out and I have photos of that, but it almost seem wrong to be seen like that.


    1. Thanks Cee! All the early flowers are bright yellow. It’s almost the “official” color of spring on the way. We too have had snow or ice after the daffodils, but they have somehow survived. Not as many as there used to be though. That and the long droughts over the past years. Maybe this year will be better.

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