We live in New England. It gets cold. Not West Coast cold. We get the real deal, including bitter days with the temperature below zero and piles of ice and snow through which only a snow plow (maybe) can pass.

We do have a heating system and good insulation, but we are always just a little bit cold, especially in the spring and fall when I’m not ready to start (or restart) the heat.

We love our blankets.

There are blankets in the guest room
We have a big comforter in our bedroom

But the biggest, most determined blanket maven in the house is Bonnie. The crate in the corner is her house and in it are her blankets. Many blankets. Periodically, we pull all the blankets out and run them through the laundry. Garry lovingly folds them and puts them neatly in Bonnie’s house.

Bonnie gives him That Look. After which she goes in her crate. Pulls the pile apart, drags each blanket out of the crate, then drags them back in. She then rearranges them until they form that perfect pile in which she will be completely at her ease. She also drags everything else in there, too. Biscuits, toys, pieces of old cardboard boxes and anything else she has found and decided to save.

She is very particular about the arrangement of her blankets. We may not be able to see the careful organization, but she knows. Don’t go messing with her blankets. She will have to start all over again, pulling them out, dragging them back in. It’s a busy life for a small, black Scottish Terrier.

30 thoughts on “BLANKETS”

  1. Who knows what they’re thinking. Mindy seemed so chilly after her shave and shower, that I put a blanket on her bed so she could snuggle up with it. (It was a sacrifice, too, because it was my tiger blanket that I bought at Walmart the first day I lived (and slept) in my house and shared the sofa with Mindy that first night.) When I got up the morning after Mindy’s shave, I found she’d taken the blanket off her bed and set it neatly on the floor. She didn’t need no stinkin’ blanket.

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  2. Bonnie sounds adorable! My pure bread white Schnauzer, Max, loves his blankets but can NOT sleep without a pillow. He will only eat with his food, on an area rug, never just a bare floor. (What do we think he is? A dog?) He is also obsessed with paw massages. Sound high maintenance? God, help me…everyone in my household is.

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  3. My mother’s cocker spaniel liked to sleep in chairs. With humans. This was a large dog for chair-sharing, but they indulged her. She would get up on someone’s lap, and seemingly settle in. Move around a bit to get more comfortable…and somehow, in ten or fifteen minutes, you would find yourself sitting in another chair and Lady would be all curled up in the chair you had warmed for her.


  4. The only living thing that uses our one and only blanket as a cover is Mr. Swiss when taking his golden oldie sleep after lunch. Tabby the cat only uses it as a head support.


  5. I would be just as frustrated as Bonnie if someone rearranged everything on my bed. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I hate staying in hotels… the housekeepers making the beds and undoing the nice little comfort thing I had going the night before. Leave my sleeping arrangements alone!


    1. Really, we only fix it when we’ve run all her sleeping blankets through the bath. To us, they smell sweet and clean. Probably to her they smell icky and HUMAN, not a all properly doglike. Even so, a scrub now and then keeps the living things from moving in.


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