After a nearly hysterical FedEx delivery man was panicked by our dogs — who were inside their fence when he decided to climb it — I decided we needed a firm warning to all potential intruders! The terrifying dogs watched and waited for the next victim to enter!

One dangerous dog

Two dangerous dogs

Three dangerous dogs

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

51 thoughts on “DANGEREROUS DOGS!

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  2. LOL. I was on the shuttle bus to the airport when we stopped outside an inner city dwelling with a dangerous dog sign. I wondered at the guard dog that lurked inside and wondered if the crime was such that it warranted such an animal. Then the man returned to his house with a small maltese on a lead. Your photo reminded me of this.


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  4. Haha..I used to drive for FedEx. I never climbed locked fences but ‘beware of dog’ signs to me meant proceed with caution. I’d make a whole bunch of noise to see if any dog would run out. The times a dog would surprise me was when there was no warning at all.

    Some couriers are more ambitious. They want to get a package off so that there’s no chance that they’ll have to come back. There’s always some customers who will complain about not getting their package and want the courier to come back.

    Sometimes it’s easy to miss obvious signage because of the rushing aspect. Other times it’s because the job becomes so mindless.


    • In this case, it’s kind of obvious. I couldn’t make it more obvious. Signs. Arrows. Tables. They barely need to get out of the truck … the receiving area is directly next to the drive. The regular guys usually know, but FedEx seems to change drivers every other day. That is probably the problem.


  5. Don’t even think that sign will stop everyone. I have several signs on my fence (because my dogs will bite) PLUS signs on a little shed we have outside of the fence — right by the gate for Pete’s sake — for package deliverers to leave the packages IN the shed — which we bought for just such a purpose and we STILL have people opening the fence (a six foot tall chain link) to try and deliver packages.


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