Garry is not afraid of heights.  He might have liked mountain climbing, but work kept him otherwise occupied. He did try — and enjoy — jumping out of planes. With a parachute.

The years have marched on and although he no longer ventures up on the roof, it’s not his fear of heights. More like a fear of getting giddy at an inappropriate moment.

I haven’t met many people who can climb high places and not get freaked out.

I’ve gotten a little bit better over time, but I still don’t like being near the edge of anything higher than a small stepladder.

Thus, during the times when Garry decides he want to shoot the falls from right along the edge, I try to control my urge to whimper and cry out “DON’T DO IT BABY! I LOVE YOU! COME HOME!”

21 thoughts on “PRECIPICE – OR – DON’T FALL!”

  1. I got over ladders, simply because I had to. I can deal with depths as long as there’s a nice sturdy railing/wall between me and Down. But I cannot, will not, comfortably walk over bridges with the water running underneath. my inner ears rebel, and they gang up with my outer vision, and I want to follow that water so badly…

    Even on a huge bridge with fennels and supstruts and hand holds, I can’t look over the edge, the rushing water just drags at me. {“oh, come join us…you know you want to…”}

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  2. I’m not afraid of heights either, and neither is the hubs. We had a great time at the Grand Canyon, and I was all over the Skywalk (that glass bridge they have there — I forget the name) it was great.

    The only thing that makes my stomach drop is *other people* when they’re being stupid around high places… like people taking pictures of themselves just at the edge of the canyon walls. It made me queasy to watch them walk over the barriers and do dumb things because all it would take it one misstep and that great picture they were posing for would be all anyone would have left of them. Yeah, then I have a problem with heights.

    But Garry looks like he knows what he’s doing. No worries there. 🙂


    1. We had a great time at the Grand Canyon too, but as long as there are fences, I’m okay. It’s the edges that scare me. Garry is petty steady on his feet and the areas along the dams are pretty secure. I think if it was me, I wouldn’t worry nearly as much. That’s a nasty drop.


  3. I think it is normal and healthy to have a fear of ANYthing that can potentially kill you (or one you love) through a second’s carelessness or something dumb like tripping over your feet.

    Having said that we should never let the fear control us to the extent it lessens our life experiences. We have and control the fear, not the other way around! Spending too much time afraid is not a good life choice.:-)



      1. Those 3 tend to worry me also! And i’m definitely with Garry on the snakes ( very wise in Australia!)
        I’m largely a risk averse type 😉



    1. I am okay with guns if they are part of an army or other armed forces thing, but not with personal handguns. I can fire a rifle — at any kind of paper target. My first husband had a competitive 1-shot target rifle which my son still has, though I wonder if it works since it has been a long time since it was fired. Otherwise, we had a Red Ryder BB gun and paper targets. This more or less sums up my life with guns.

      I have seen Niagra when it was full to bursting and I can imagine anyone surviving that fall. Even our little fall, small as they are, are very intense. Just the fall into the rocky dam and the rushing water (did I mention Garry can’t swim?) would probably pull anyone under.

      He is, to his credit, careful. We both want him alive and well, please!!


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