Am I the only person in this country to have never worn a uniform? I never competed in sports … except as a bench-warmer for the high school swimming team. They didn’t have uniforms. I don’t think the team was good enough to compete anywhere.

I wasn’t in the marching band or any kind of military or nearly military group. I went to standard state schools through high school — so no uniforms there — and a private college. No uniforms there, either. I haven’t even worn a costume for a play.

If I want to look at uniform in another way, I don’t think I ever did anything in a “uniform way” either. I was always too young to do what everyone else was doing when I was a kid. I never followed the main stream in anything and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but because I wasn’t the kind of kid that got swept up by friends. I never joined a party except the Democrats … and they are such a fragmented bunch … no uniforms. Nothing even organized, much less uniform.

I suppose getting together with friends and (briefly) wearing our Serendipity shirts is almost like a uniform. Does baseball gear count too?

So, I’ve never marched and now that I’m 70. I have trouble walking, much less marching, I guess it isn’t going to happen. Not they I ever had a secret yen to become a marcher. Okay, I admit, a marching band was a cool idea, but as a pianist, that didn’t seem likely.

My husband joined the Marine Corps. That probably counts double, so I can claim secondary rights as someone married to someone who joined the Marine Corps. Β Semper Fi!

46 thoughts on “I AIN’T MARCHING ANYMORE”

  1. Uniforms — High School Cross Country Team. I cudda beat Tom Courtenay in the long distance run.
    USMC — My summer fatigues still look good almost 60 years later. S/F
    NCIS — I got everything and am ready to roll, Boss.
    Red Sox — Caps, T shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies. I can giver you a southpaw arm in the
    late innings. My curve ball is still wicked.
    Patriots — Use me as a decoy on Brady’s “hail Mary” toss.

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  2. No-one really asked if I wanted a uniform, it was the process of being in an british grammar school. Today my uniform is comforable trousers and a t-shirt, flat shoes, and a cane – what more could you want.

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  3. when I was 7 I was a brownie scout. I LOVED being able to wear that to school on scout nights. Don’t think I’ve ever worn a uniform since, and never minded at all.


      1. I never had a uniform, except for the uniforms we nurses aids wore in a nursing home, ….a couple times in my life…back in the late 60’s early 70’s. I am turning 70 in two days. and my husband was the one in the army.. not me. Guess we have a couple things in common, I was not in band so that was out….


  4. I had to wear a tunic in public school and a uniform in high school – once more I was in a marching band (Queen’s Own Rifles) and had to wear a uniform for that. I’m all uniformed out.

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      1. I hated the tunic. I’d always spill soup on it. The other uniforms were not too spiffy either. You didn’t miss a thing, Marilyn.


  5. I used to snicker at the ROTC guys in College. Believe they wore their uniforms often just to impress people.


  6. I never marched anywhere and am pretty sure it’s not going to happen before I’m out of here. πŸ™‚ But, I’ve worn a uniform for lots of years. For K-8, there was the navy blue jumper with belt, white blouse with round collar, red clip on tie, blue beanie, and navy blue socks. Quite a visual. Then 9-12, there was the pleated wool red plaid skirt, white blouse, and gray blazer. That was a little better. Now my idea of a uniform is comfortable shoes, jeans, and a cotton shirt that doesn’t require ironing. πŸ™‚


    1. NY city schools don’t have uniforms and I didn’t do private school. Of band. Or military. So not only am I not marching anymore, I never marched in the first place. But I did picket. That’ must count too.


  7. We were brownies for a hot minute when we were about 6 or 7. And we were adorable in our little brownie uniforms — identical twins. We sold a lot of cookies. But that’s the extent of my uniform wearing ways. I walked for NAMI twice, but I’m not good at fund raising so I just walked for the heck of it. One more face in the crowd.

    Other than that, I’m not one for marching either. I’m too old and too broken.

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        1. Ha! We used to roll those skirts at the waist to make them flair smartly. Until the nuns had us kneel in the hallway. If your skirt did not touch the floor, it was too short. I need Marilyn to make some T-shirts that say “I survived Catholic school.: πŸ™‚

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      1. No pics. Went to Camp Wainwright one year – trained with the esteemed PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) https://www.facebook.com/ppcli/ a proud Canadian Regiment of fine men. The Calgary Highlanders however, are presently a Militia Regiment.
        But did look grand in me kilt and beret I’m proud to say. I’m proud of the short time I was in there. I believe it added to me immensely.

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  8. I would guess the only uniforms I ever wore were in Little League soccer and baseball, which made up 8 summers of my youth. While there is a certain color shirt I have to wear for work (and for a brief time, a certain color of pants), I don’t consider my Mecca attire to be a uniform. I think the only time I’ve even worn a shirt with any kind of lettering or design on it in the past 30 years was when I wore a baseball T-shirt to my stress test in 2014. I don’t wear tees as a rule because my neck prefers the open collar of polos…


    1. Garry wears Dodgers (Brooklyn) and Red Sox tees, and sometimes, Serendipity and yours. But I don’t think you could call them uniforms, just statements of preference. He does dearly love baseball. I suppose he could wear Patriot’s stuff, but he’s not that into football or anything. Just baseball πŸ™‚


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