Am I the only person in this country to have never worn a uniform? I never competed in sports … except as a bench-warmer for the high school swimming team. They didn’t have uniforms. I don’t think the team was good enough to compete anywhere.

I wasn’t in the marching band or any kind of military or nearly military group. I went to standard state schools through high school — so no uniforms there — and a private college. No uniforms there, either. I haven’t even worn a costume for a play.

If I want to look at uniform in another way, I don’t think I ever did anything in a “uniform way” either. I was always too young to do what everyone else was doing when I was a kid. I never followed the main stream in anything and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but because I wasn’t the kind of kid that got swept up by friends. I never joined a party except the Democrats … and they are such a fragmented bunch … no uniforms. Nothing even organized, much less uniform.

I suppose getting together with friends and (briefly) wearing our Serendipity shirts is almost like a uniform. Does baseball gear count too?

So, I’ve never marched and now that I’m 70. I have trouble walking, much less marching, I guess it isn’t going to happen. Not they I ever had a secret yen to become a marcher. Okay, I admit, a marching band was a cool idea, but as a pianist, that didn’t seem likely.

My husband joined the Marine Corps. That probably counts double, so I can claim secondary rights as someone married to someone who joined the Marine Corps.  Semper Fi!

46 thoughts on “I AIN’T MARCHING ANYMORE

  1. I would guess the only uniforms I ever wore were in Little League soccer and baseball, which made up 8 summers of my youth. While there is a certain color shirt I have to wear for work (and for a brief time, a certain color of pants), I don’t consider my Mecca attire to be a uniform. I think the only time I’ve even worn a shirt with any kind of lettering or design on it in the past 30 years was when I wore a baseball T-shirt to my stress test in 2014. I don’t wear tees as a rule because my neck prefers the open collar of polos…


    • Garry wears Dodgers (Brooklyn) and Red Sox tees, and sometimes, Serendipity and yours. But I don’t think you could call them uniforms, just statements of preference. He does dearly love baseball. I suppose he could wear Patriot’s stuff, but he’s not that into football or anything. Just baseball 🙂


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