June has been a super expensive month.

The spraying for all the bugs, the repair of the front door, Bonnie back and forth to the vet? I had hoped to pay for it all “up front” as it were, but the “front” crumbled. Now, I’m working with the back-end.


When you don’t have much coming in and you always have a lot going out, the income can be the same as the outgo. That’s a good month. You go out with a couple of hundred dollars and if the next month is even-steven, it is an accomplishment.

Breaking even isn’t bad — until something “else” comes up. Something else always comes up. It’s never one thing. It’s inevitably a kind of cluster of unavoidable medical and damage repair stuff. Houses and cars always need repair during those months when the number of days exceeds incoming money by about 40%.

There’s some kind of Murphy’s Law about it.

When I saw this heading, I remembered the last thing I was thinking as I fell asleep. Seek and find the unused credit cards. You’re going to need them, this week … or next.

Such is life in the slower lanes of life.

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  1. I’m recently retired and am adjusting to living on a fixed income. It’s a challenge when unexpected, unbudgetted expenses come up…at least until I hit the big Poweball lottery!


  2. I feel you, we have been doing some much needed work to our house and you get a quote, then you find out all the costs on top of it that they didn’t know about. Driving me crazy.


  3. There always seems to be an unexpected emergency.


  4. Wish I could find the millions of dollars that, according to legend, I received upon retiring from TV news.


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