The begonias have really come around. Apparently all they needed was regular watering, nipping the dead heads, and a bit of sunshine. These days, I have two macro lenses, though this one is not nearly as completely macro as the 60 mm. It still shoots quite close.

Just one bloom
The brightest orange flowers I’ve ever seen!

These are amazingly bright flowers. They practically glow!



  1. Sensational display – they must have been worth the ‘wait’ πŸ˜‰

    Begonias must cover a wide range of plants as we have two and neither look anything like yours. One is a small pot plant with small round petals ( in shades of pink) and the other has bamboo-like stems that have displays of pink and white heart-shaped petals that hang in bunches of five to 20 with white-spotted green leaves coming off the stems.



    1. Yes, there are more kinds of begonias that I can count. And the shape and form of the flowers varies hugely, too. Big ones, tiny ones. Hanging ones. They come in every color you can imagine and some colors you probably can’t imagine. I’ve had some that looked like roses and others that looked closer to daisies, from dark purple to white. These are the only bright orange ones I’ve ever seen and I had no idea what they were until they told me. I think they cross breed them a lot, too, so there are always new ones.

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      1. Certainly, i agree.

        As beautiful as yours ( and mine) are i sometimes think us humans interfere a little bit too much with nature and produce more than we really need in the way of variety.
        I don’t agree with change just for change’s sake or just because we can means that we should do something.



        1. Well, flowers? We’ve been messing with flowers for hundreds of years. Just look at roses and tulips and irises as some examples. I don’t mind the flowers, but I mind when they mess with the food. I’d prefer the leave the food alone. All those GMO varieties don’t taste nearly as good as the originals did.


          1. Actually i quite like all the ( well, most of the) flowers but i’m working on the principle of you CAN have too much of a good thing πŸ˜‰

            And i’m leaning towards the same principle on dog breeds also.!



            1. There are no new breeds emerging. They have all been around for a long time, some for thousands of years. We are always trying to make them better, but except for a couple of rare exceptions, they’re all old.


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