Stupid is as stupid does. The line comes from the movie Forrest Gump. It’s what Forest’s mother always told him when people would make fun of him for being … well … Forrest Gump.

The thing is, I never really understood what the phrase actually means. It sounds very profound, but what is it actually saying?

I only think of this because stupid has become a word that’s popping up more and more these days. The current “so-called administration”, has been labeled “ignorant,” “immoral” and “inept.” But lately a new word is emerging to describe our “so-called government.”


Also the word “idiot” is cropping up. The headline of a recent NY Post editorial was “Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot.”

Why? When he discovered the New York Times was about to publish a story exposing emails which proved he was meeting with Russian agents to acquire damaging information about Hillary Clinton from high level Russian government sources — because they wanted to help Trump win the election — what did he do? He released the actual emails. Proving he wanted to collude with Russian agents to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton and didn’t care that the Russian government was involved. He actually wrote back “I love it!”


His defense was that he didn’t get any damaging info, so it didn’t count.


It’s like saying “I went to rob a bank but when I got there they were all out of money,” so it doesn’t count.

And we all thought Eric was the dumb one.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Cheesy McCheese head, the actual President of the United States, recently stated — publicly — that the Mexican wall must be transparent.

Why you ask?  Because Mexicans will be throwing large bags of drugs over the wall. He didn’t want unsuspecting Americans on our side to get hit on the head by large bags of drugs.

No, I’m not making that up. Absorb that for a few minutes.

Everybody has role models.  Trumpy’s role models seem to be Governor LePetomaine from Blazing Saddles. “Work, work, work, work. Hello boys!”

And the rebel leader from Woody Allen’s Bananas.

REBEL LEADER: From this point forward, underwear will be changed every half hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside. So we can check. Every child under 16 years old, is now 16 years old.”

Previously, we learned how utterly incompetent this administration is. But now, we are also getting a handle on just how incredibly stupid they are.

I still don’t know exactly what “Stupid is as stupid does” means, but it seems to explain our current administration.


  1. I like the post but i think you and many other people are not getting it. The Trumps are never going to win Brain of the Year or be a winning contestant on mastermind – but they are not claiming to be trying to, nor i doubt, would they like to.

    The simple truth is their attitude is one of: I’ve got squillions and i don’t give a shit what you think – you can’t touch me… Oh, and by the way, I’m (or my Dad is) President – so go F#@% yourself.

    Not that intelligent? – most likely, or not how we define intelligent anyways, but stupid? I rather think not.

    Crass, crude, unrefined, brash to the point of obnoxiousness, condescending, peevish, childish in some ways even, conniving, phoney, no political expertese, users of most of humanity and an extremely limited relationship (mostly TV (Fox) based i surmise) to the world of the average joe yes, but stupid uh-uh.

    And we all have to remember – doing one (or even several) stupid things, or saying something that sounds stupid to us does not make a person stupid – if it did I certainly would have to put my hand up and there would be over 7 billion stupids in this world with more being added every single day.

    The truly stupid person is not the one who does stupid things, but the one who cannot learn from them and positively modify their behaviour so as to get better outcomes or seek help from those better qualified to do so.

    I’d love to hope that Trump supporters are able to modify their behaviour in 2020 so as to attain a more positive outcome. 🙂


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    1. Personally?I think he IS stupid and all those other things too. One, after all, does not negate the others. He can be stupid AND … I don’t know if he is more stupid NOW because he’s got a solid case of dementia happening, or he is totally losing it for other reasons. I do not believe he was always quite this stupid. Either way — he is stupid now. The why is another question.

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    2. All very true. When you have enough money being stupid doesn’t hamper you that much. And they are just saying F’U’ to the world. Question is how long this county will put up with it.

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    3. Well said, Bob!! Especially “The truly stupid person …is the one who cannot learn from them (stupid things)…modify their get better outsomes”. If we’re honest, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Some truly dumb things!! If you get a second chance, you really gotta try to get it right.

      As for MacCheese Head 45, way above my pay grade.

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  2. You make a great point here, Tom. I totally agree! The Cheezy Mac Cheesehead and transparent wall are killing me here….the post is great….and you always find a way to get some humor into it. Great stuff!!

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    1. Absolutely. We are producing idiots who are proud of being idiots. I always said you don’t need to be ashamed of your lack of education, but you should never be proud of your ignorance.

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  3. The wall is probably the only thing in this government that would be transparent. But if Trump is so concerned about unsuspecting Americans on our side getting hit on the head by large bags of drugs, then don’t take away their health care. Problem solved. Maybe I should be President.

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