There’s an old joke about a psychiatrist who was trying to see if he could change an optimist into a pessimist and a pessimist into an optimist. He took two children, one very optimistic and one very pessimistic. He put the pessimistic child in a room filled with every toy and game imaginable.

He put the optimistic child in dimly lit room filled with horseshit.

The pessimistic child did nothing but complain. This toy didn’t work, that toy is the wrong color, these games all suck, and so on. Meanwhile the optimistic child was smiling and diving into the horseshit, digging and laughing, totally joyful. The psychiatrist couldn’t understand what was going on, so he asked the child why he was so happy. The child responded “Are you kidding? With all this horseshit, there’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere!” The joke has other variations, but you end up at the same punchline.

This joke came to mind the other day when I read a really odd article. The Remington Company, the one who makes guns are 950 million dollars in debt and are about to declare bankruptcy.

The Smith and Wesson company, the country’s largest gun maker has seen their sales drop over 70% in the last year.

Why? The article says it’s because of the “Trump Slump.” Now that  all three branches of government are in the hands of Republicans who really, really love guns and anything “gunny” (is that a word? If not, I just made it up. Trademark!), all the gun nuts have stopped buying guns.

Turns out the major driver of gun sales in America are Democrats. That and any mass shooting. It’s the irrational fear “the government is coming to take all our guns!!” which causes the gun nuts to buy more guns.

As I am writing this, I’m watching literally every cable  news and network news network’s  constant coverage of the latest school shooting in Florida. So far, seventeen dead.

It will be interesting to see if gun sales spike tomorrow.  Everyone knows Trump will do nothing. 

All this got me to thinking of other actual good things our Comb-Over-In-Chief has done. Not on purpose. He’s never done anything good intentionally. He’s enraged women to the point were millions of them protested on his first day in office.

He’s been a major force behind the “Me-Too” movement and the “Time’s Up” movement.

Polls show Republican women, especially college-educated white women, are turning against Trump in droves.  He’s brought domestic abuse into the public spotlight by defending the abusers! He’s reminded the country that being a pedophile is bad by defending a pedophile!

He’s energized a Democratic progressive grass-roots movement which has resulted in dozens of local and state seats going from red to blue. He has mobilized young people to not only get out and vote, but to also run for office — all around the country.

Sadly, the vast majority of the shit this shithead has done far outweighs the positive things he’s inadvertently done. He’s still a clear and present danger to the security of the United States and the world. For all the horrible things he’s done, we all now know that he will do things that will be even horribler (is that word? If not, trademark!). The Oval Office is currently filled with horseshit and an amazing amount of bullshit.

But hey, maybe we’ll find a few more ponies out there.


  1. Trump slump. That is a bit bizarre but oddly, makes sense. It’s that good old ‘reverse psychology’ thing. But I am telling you, if someone starts to talk about prayers tomorrow, I think I’m going to start to scream and not stop for a long time. I can’t stand it. One scare with Tylenol and we have to open all our medication with a locking wrench and a hammer, but we can’t stop mass murder in elementary schools?

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  2. Pancho, A Plus for this one. Nice segue from Boys, Ponies into Man Who Would Be King and Guns. You cudda been a writer! “There Must Be A Pony”….

    Betcha they’ll be a lot of “This Isn’t the time” from usual suspects asked about latest gun rampage and gun control.

    “Guns?…..These days men are cheaper than guns” — Yul Brynner/Chris, “The Magnificent Seven”

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      1. Guns in the U.S. IS pretty cheap. Pancho, ya gotta speak like a gunsel if you wanna blend in.

        Okay, show me what you got, Pancho! Make your play!


      2. Pancho, those 3-D plastic things are damn scary. Our fearless leader is pretty blaise about them. It figures.


  3. I loved the intro to this post! Really made me chuckle! Then reality came back to about our current situation. Don’t know what that makes me at this picture point. Pessimistic? Optimistic? Realist? Or maybe there’s a word that can describe all three characteristics! Is there such a word? If not, “Trademark!”

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