Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 2, 2018

Theoretically, spring should be hinting at its arrival … but  it’s not. No flowers and it’s cold, pouring rain, and very windy outside. In the middle of this, the builder came by to take a look at our falling apart window. Now I’m wondering how much wall behind that rotting window is going to need replacement.

Home ownership can be demoralizing. You are never finished. Never.

Highway to Boston

Mass Pike to Boston

Bridge over the Blackstone

Baseball signs – The Babe!


20 thoughts on “WHICH WAY — THE END OF WINTER

  1. Very Well Done on the top photo effect Spike!: adds greatly to the 3D effect of the image.

    Seems our weather again is the mirror image of yours – now Autumn is here we are experiencing some of our hottest weather for the year – equal to anything we had in the 3 months of Summer? We had the mildest summer in 17 years though, so i guess i can’t complain.

    I love the bridge photo in full colour. 🙂


    • I’m working on the effects. I’m looking for something a bit graphic, like a good illustration … but not too abstract. It’s a learning experience and I’m getting better.

      That bridge has become one of those iconic images for us. We shoot there often. Even though we’ve shot that bridge hundreds of time, somehow, we are always lured back again. I suppose all photographers have one place that they keep returning to. Some kind of allure.

      it’s not terribly cold here — at least, not like it was in January. It’s just raw and nasty — and snowing. Not a heavy snow. A little, sticky, slippery snow.

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      • I’m still working on ‘mastering’ basic image captures and finding out what works best in which conditions before i dare start on any effects 😉

        You’ve gone much further down the rabbit hole than i have Alice. 😉

        Here’s hoping for a quick return to Spring weather as it should be.


  2. I’d take your windy rain any ol’ day. It snowed here and snowed harder than it has all ‘winter’ long too. *sigh* And I, like you, ponder the value of home ownership and all the required upkeep and expense against rental or lease and no autonomy. It’s not a great choice whichever side you choose… 😦

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    • I love the privacy of “owned” home — but the older and tireder we get, the more exhausting and expensive the repairs seem to be. But where else should we go? I don’t think we’d survive a week in those cell-sized rooms they call “senior housing.”


    • We (thankfully) only got a dusting of snow, but there’s more expected next week. Sigh. This time of year can be really difficult. As the winds change, the weather gets even crazier than it usually is.


    • There were some waves which were impressive. We just got waving oak trees, which is also impressive, but doesn’t make the news. To be fair, Boston got the worst of the storm along with Cape Cod and the Islands. It was a hell of a storm.

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      • Those were some BIGLY waves along the coastal cities of Massachusetts yesterday. I remember them well from my working days.

        I was just waiting for an intrepid reporter to do a piece atop a seawall.


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