Ragtag Daily Prompt: SITCOM

It’s hard for me to say much about this since I don’t like most sitcoms and never did. Too much of them is based on cruelty and humiliation. These days, most of them seem to be based on foul language and just plain meanness. I’m not sure why that’s supposed to be funny. It never makes me laugh or even chuckle. It might make me leave the room and come back when it’s over.

I love comedy, but I have a bottom-line. It’s simple.


If it doesn’t make me laugh, it’s not a comedy. Not a sitcom. Not a romantic comedy or any other kind. Genre notwithstanding, something that’s supposed to be funny has to make me laugh or at the very least, smile.

If I feel the need to nod off or puke, maybe someone else is finding it funny (like the producers and writers) but not me.

We watched one episode of Drew Barrymore (from whom I expected better) in “Santa Clarita Diet.” I was nauseated. I did not laugh, nor did Garry. So I asked around. At least among people I know, no one thought it was funny or mildly amusing or anything other than disgusting.

Who’s idea was that?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “RDP: IF IT’S NOT FUNNY, IT’S NOT COMEDY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Life is one big sitcom for me and I so rarely watch the TV. The only soap I bother with is East Enders, simply because there is where I grew up and I understand all the quirks and cockney expressions.


    1. There were a huge number of sitcoms on TV when I was a kid. We didn’t get television until rather late and I wasn’t allowed to watch it during the week or ever during the day — unless I was sick. Then I could watch TV all day as long as I was sick. I used to get really bad tonsillitis which would keep me out of school for a week. I spent the entirety of that time in my parents’ bedroom watching old black & white movies. Some of them were in color, but the TV wasn’t 😀

      I don’t like modern sitcoms much and I didn’t like them much as a child, either. They made fun of the characters and I just HATED that.

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  2. I grew up with some classic Sitcoms, Porridge, The Good Life, Are You Being Serves? And Allo Allo, all of these were very gentle. Then along cane Yes Minister, and I discovered I could laugh till I cried, and much later Father Ted, I loved those programmes, absolutely adored them!
    From RDP


    1. It’s not that I don’t like ALL sitcoms. I liked Father Ted, for example, and still do (it’s on Acorn)(and maybe Netflix). But I wasn’t a Lucy fan or a “life of Riley” fan. Both of these relied heavily on humiliating the star. I found them actually painful to watch and I still do. I like British comedies better than most American ones. They are drier and often wittier.


      1. There was an excellent American political sitcom recently- The Brink, but they only made one series, guess it was too close to the real thing but that was hilarious


  3. I quite agree Marilyn most sitcoms today are not that funny. I used to reallly enjoy British comedy but I am not amused by a lot of the current ones. I don’t find foul language funny and I don’t like humour that is really mean.


    1. There are some good “comedo-drams” like Rake, which I loved and I hope they made one more season. But most of the comedies are just loathsome. We used to think it was because we were getting too old, but my granddaughter says she won’t watch any of that crap either and can’t understand why ANYONE would watch it. She’s 21.


  4. And Santa Clarita was renewed for a second season! Surprised the heck out of me. Part of one episode was enough for us to (quickly) find another show to watch.


    1. We watched the whole first episode. I think we were sure it had to get better. It didn’t get better. It got worse. It was HORRIBLE. And yet, obviously, people like it. Damned if I know why.


  5. The last sitcom I watched on any regular basis was Fraser. Most anything else I’ve seen since really does need the ‘canned laughter’. Or something.
    I notice that as I get older, less and less stuff seems to be directed at me.
    I’m not certain that’s a complaint.


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