I have pieces of my glass collection spread all over my house. I love to be able to look at beautiful glass work wherever I am. But there is one place where I have collected a large number of pieces in one place – in the wall of bookcases in my family room.

Here are some photos of the wall as a whole, the separate bookcases that make up the wall, the vignettes within the bookcases and some of the individual pieces in closeup.

Full wall of bookcases displaying glass art


First bookcase


Second bookcase


Third bookcase




  1. I’ve walked past that bookcase quite a number of times, but I’ve never stopped and looked at what it contains. Your glass collection really enhances the display…thanks for sharing!

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    • Glass is a beautiful and not too expensive way to add art to your house. I love to look around and see beautiful things and I can do that with glass pieces scattered around.

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