There’s a new demographic, and you better pick a side – REBLOG – SHINBONE STAR

What more is there to say? I wish it weren’t like this, but this really IS where we’ve gone … and I hope I live long enough to see us recover our senses.


Here in the United States of America, we’d grown accustomed to surveys and seeing our beliefs broken down demographically. We would eagerly pore over the results, which usually compared women vs. men; blacks vs. whites; college education vs. none; city vs. rural; and Catholic vs. Protestant.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that none of that matters anymore. Here’s what it comes down to in our modern Disunited States of America:

  • Support for the Mocking of Sexual Assault Victims vs. Those Opposed

Of course for those who have been paying attention, the president’s attack this week on Christine Blasey Ford isn’t our first ride in Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby, it’s just the latest in a series of crashes that have defined our nation’s free fall into hell.

Consider that since Trump’s arrival on the political landscape, you, your friends, your neighbors and your relatives can be divvied up like this:

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12 thoughts on “There’s a new demographic, and you better pick a side – REBLOG – SHINBONE STAR

  1. This is very scary stuff. I have a few friends that have taken the attitude that “I’m gonna die soon so why should I worry about any of this?” Maybe that doesn’t upset you as much as It upsets me.., but don’t we have an obligation to set the tone for the future of our youth? They are the ones that will suffer from our errors or complacency.


    • I think we have an obligation to get out and vote and encourage like-minded people to do the same. But the reality is our time is pretty much done. The kids have to build a world for themselves and we can’t do it for them. We can urge them on, but they need to decide that the world is worth the effort.


    • You said it better than I could. You do know that Garry who when motivated, also writes very well, and is my husband, was a reporter for Channel 7 (mostly NBC with long runs of CBS) for 31 years and that’s not counting the years at ABC network and a couple of other places. It’s all I can do to keep him from putting his fist through the television. Sheesh.

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        • He’s just furious. He writes when the urge strikes him. He spent his entire life writing on a schedule for the next piece and he rejects the entire concept of schedules. He has moved past schedules. I think once he gets his hearing apparatus functioning (he just had a cochlear implant) he’ll get more interested in writing.

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