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Memories of Summer – FOTD – November 2, 2018

Suddenly, I realized that it is really getting to the end of the year and I don’t remember very much of it. One of my two (the small one) bird feeders arrived today. I have to dump the flowers to hand the feeders and I haven’t bought any feed yet. But I will. We get money on Thursday and bird feed is on my list. I have no idea how much to buy, either.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

One is designed mainly for bigger birds and holds sunflower seeds. The little one is for the little birds and holds “regular” birdseed.

I will work it out.

Bright lilies

Meanwhile, I thought I’d show off a few actual flowers.

Memories of summer, the daylilies, and roses

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10 replies

  1. Those photos may be the only thing that gets me through the winter, Marilyn.


  2. Wonderful photos. We are continuously filling our birdhouse and we get quite a meeting now daily


  3. Lovely pictures. Wait for the next summer
    to return.


  4. Beautiful lush photos…


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