FOTD – November 4, 2018

Photos: Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

We had a serious wind and rain storm last night and this morning. Big limbs all over the driveway. Watching the oaks wave in the wind … which is actually kind of eerie.

Those oaks are big (tall!) trees. When they fall, they take down a lot of stuff with them. Watching them move with the wind is a bit scary.

Wild asters and a big bee

But so far, so good. We just lost a lot of branches which Garry tossed into the woods. The driveway was effectively blocked.

Women by the river – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Photo: Garry Armstrong

In the course of events, most of the trees are bare. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, but Monday and thereafter? Who knows? More wind, more rain, and the rivers are beginning to crest. It was bound to happen.

The last branch

And Garry’s best shot of October, introducing THE SQUIRREL!

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Gray squirrel by the Blackstone

16 thoughts on “WILDFLOWERS AND SOME AUTUMN LEAVES – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. All beautiful and unique! If I ever get ’round to doing that second book of poetry, I would love to use “Last Branch” for the cover art. It just speaks to me. The squirrel? LOL…Garry caught Mr. Squirrel just at the right moment, didn’t he? 🙂


    • We never see them either. They are here because they think cables are their version of chewing gum, but they stay in the trees where the coyotes, wildcats, foxes, and fisher weasels can’t eat them. Then all they have to worry about are hawks, eagles, and owls.

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