CHRISTMAS EVE 2018 – Garry Armstrong

It was a very enjoyable Christmas Eve. A drama free (dee-lish) dinner.

Everyone enjoyed their gifts including the furry kids who hadn’t destroyed their toys as of Christmas morning.

I had a long and delightful phone chat with my family. Two younger Brothers, cousins, and cousin-in-law. I was able to hear everyone clearly (first time!) with my cochlear implant. I think I was a bit giddy because I rambled all over the place, chatting about how the cochlear implant has changed my life.

We shared memories about Christmases past. Lots of laughter as I said goodbye.

Owen brought over a bunch of old ’78’s (Those of a certain age know what I’m talking about).

We listened to vintage performances of Christmas music performed by Bing Crosby, Mahalia Jackson, Gene Autry and Red Foley. Yes, Red Foley. “White Christmas” is still a signature song of the season and it belongs to Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby.

One of the 78’s contained soundtrack music from the 1942 film, “Holiday Inn” in which Bing Crosby introduced Irving Berlin’s beloved “White Christmas.” Gene Autry’s “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer” brought back a rush of childhood memories as did a rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” I found myself singing along — softly — because I sing off-key.

What a blast! Thanks, Owen.

I, too, wonder about the mince-pie mystery.

What happened to mince-pie? Marilyn and I have been searching in recent weeks for mince-pie, fresh or frozen.  No luck.  No answers.  I just read an online piece about a cache of mince pies discovered in England, stashed in a basement — from World War Two. A Mom’s gift to her Son in the army. The pies are over 70 years old. No mention of how they taste.

This still doesn’t answer our mince-pie mystery. Russian collusion?

Christmas Day is upon us. The house is quiet. The furry kids are searching for their toys. Santa Claus has been very kind to us. Yes, Donzo, there is a Santa Claus.

I suppose he forgot about you.

23 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS EVE 2018 – Garry Armstrong

  1. My Lady is German. Their tradition is to open presents on the Eve. My upbringing is English. We used to do that in the Morn. Whatever … it’s all good when the Love’s there.


  2. I held a 78 (maybe even 2 or3??) wayyyyy back in my early childhood – My Aunt had an english ‘Bush’ player that played those and the ‘new’ 45’s! 😉

    Glad you got to speak with your family and HEAR them as well!

    Like Tas and DC we make our own (well Mum does) I’ll get the recipe and send it to Marilyn – i’ m not sure how they’d travel from Aus in Winter? 😉 ( They’d probably get there in under 70 years though! 😉

    A wonderful 2019 to you my Friend. 🙂


  3. We made a bunch of small mince tarts as e do every Christmas. As well as raspberry almonds tarts. No shortage of mince north of the border! Clearly a Trump government shut-down issue!! Cheers.


  4. What a wonderful Christmas gift to be able to enjoy a phone chat with family and Christmas music. That must have been really special
    As for the mince pies, I’m a little confused because the ones I know are small but it sounds like you have regular pie sized ones too. I made a couple of dozen of the little ones over the weekend. I’d loved to have been able to give you some.

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  5. Last we night we say your brother on our local PBS station. I am not sure why, but these Christmas music specials are always a great joy. PBS knows how to do this. We had beautiful music into the late night.


  6. Gene Autry’s “Rudolf” brings back memories of when I was a VERY little girl and I’m at my Aunt Jo and Uncle Hank’s and, for the first time, I get to “play” with glitter. I made an awful mess. I was three or four. I can see the paper and the glue and the gray carpet perfectly clear. I made a mince pie to take for Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit. Maybe it will make a comeback. On my own for Christmas, a whole mince pie lying around seemed like a bad plan. There are mince tarts on Amazon for like $13. 🙂


    • We haven’t even made it through one cheesecake — and that was with help from the rest of the family yesterday. We need a taste of things. We ate yesterday’s leftovers today and tonight’s dinner is deferred to the day after tomorrow because I’m overfed. I feel like if I didn’t eat for the next week, it might be just about right. Mince is more Garry’s thing than mine, but I wanted him to have it because he wanted it. Oh well. He probably would have eaten a forkful and left the rest to get old in the fridge.

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  7. My husband loves mincemeat pie, but no one else does. He’s been recalling his grandmother’s homemade mincemeat pie, and got all excited when he saw a store-made one at our local Wegmans. He didn’t buy it, though, because he didn’t want to have to eat it all by himself. Hope you and Marilyn are enjoying a stress-free day. We are.


  8. Sounds like a wonderful celebration! It’s exciting to see you mention the wonders of cochlear implants. Recently read an essay from the Elie Wiesel Foundation about pediatric cochlear implantation. Merry Christmas to your family!


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