Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Unusual Perspective

It was a heavy eating day or the birds. It’s cold — which always makes them hungry — and it’s the day after filling the feeder.

The birds live in the forsythia hedge. There used to be maybe a dozen birds in those hedges. Now there are dozens, as well as up in the trees so as one bird starts eating when the next bird (do they take numbers like in the deli department in the grocery?) is ready, he flies down, knocks the current bird off the feeder and grabs a seed.

I loved the little bird’s head on top of the toad!

This relay happens so fast, I’m rarely able to catch it except by accident. Literally, one second there are two birds on the feeder and a second later there are two different birds there. They are very, very fast.

A diving Chickadee

Some birds hang onto the feeder better than others. One Warbler wouldn’t move for at least 15 minutes. On the whole, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches are the best hangers-on.

Head on view of a nuthatch looks like he is pointing at the feeder

Also, the Titmice are very picky about what they will eat and like to toss the pieces they don’t like into the air … and the Chickadees like to dive off tree limbs and the feeder.

Wings closed, they just dive and don’t start to fly until they get near the ground. Most of the other birds fly off the feeder. Chickadees just dive.

A sunny morning with refraction all over the place. My favorite is the sunshine coming in through the keyhole

Nuthatches eat upside down. Some of the birds like to lie in the seeds and just eat reclining.

20 thoughts on “BLACK & WHITE: UNUSUAL PERSPECTIVE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I love the first shot — the bird peeking out over the toad! It’s interesting to watch the social structure of the different birds, and their individual habits!


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