FOWC with Fandango — Meter

I can’t help it. Music jumps into my head when I hear a specific word. And it sits there until I find something else to take up that earworm place in my brain.


I got tested for cognition, but they didn’t let me have a mouse. I think I missed half the questions because of the strange device I was supposed to use. Whatever happened to point and click? This was clearly designed for the computer under-achiever. They need to rethink the testing and use actual computer tools for people who actually use computers.

I’m sure Garry would NEVER have passed that test because he’d still be there trying to figure out how that circular twirly device that was supposed to take the place of a mouse was supposed to work. If you don’t come in stupid, the bad design will finish you off!

Meanwhile — Lovely Rita Meter Maid is wriggling between my earlobes. Oh look! It’s dancing, too!

I didn’t bother to add the lyrics. We all know them, right? You don’t? You must be young.


  1. Love this album!! Just watched the James Carvel/Paul McCartney video I published in July again. Made me so happy. Then I read a poem about my mother that I wrote years ago that a friend had just commented on.. and that has made me so blue. I can’t believe that I’m crying over the death of my mother 18 years after the fact!!! Emotions are strange things. Their timing is often a bit off.


      1. i’ve been thinking a lot about how matter is not created or destroyed, just changed..and I wonder what part of her is in me and where the rest went and what I added to her to make me..I guess each experience adds a bit more matter..or subtracts some. Getting philosophical.


  2. Once upon a time when the actual Beatles albums were still on YouTube, I took a listen to the full albums from Sgt. Peppers onward just to see what all the fuss was about. I like most of the Beatles radio hits… the ones that everyone knows. I remember not being particularly impressed with the deeper album cuts. Most of them seemed too strange, or too random, or just plain…. meh. Maybe you just had to be there, and of course I was born in the 70’s…


    1. They changed music. Before the Beatles, all the things you accept as “normal” in music didn’t exist. The changed everything. The instruments used. The pacing. Just … everything. It’s like being born when everyone had cable TV. I got it when I was in my 40s. My granddaughter could use a computer and cable before she was five. My mother remembered the arrival of cars because she grew up with carts & horses. Yo understand their importance, you had to live thru the change they brought.

      Of course, it was a great time for music. So many talented musicians and so much cross-collaboration. To me, all music sounds like copies of the originals.

      And of course, context matters. It was a very different time.


      1. My No. 1 son, the autist, has completely everything from the Beatles: even something from Hamburg. He has been to two Paul McCartney concerts in Switzerland. He knows every recording session, who was playing etc. etc. When an autist interests himself for something, the photographic memory comes to play.


      1. Marilyn, you are right (as usual) about me and that cognition test. I wudda been flummoxed by it, trying to remember the co-star in some long forgotten oater.


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