FOWC with Fandango — Spendthrift

There was a time when “spendthrift” meant spending too much money for something that wasn’t necessary. This was when we were both working and earning good salaries. Summer vacations were when we really spent money.  Great restaurants, jewelry, clothing, hotels, airfare. We worked hard. We deserved it. We still work hard, for our age and we still deserve it.

Back deck Vineyard house. Did a lot of drinking back there. Eating. And reading. It used to have a huge rope hammock.

We did most of our summering on Martha’s Vineyard. We shared a house with a lot of other people — which made it sort of affordable. At the end of the season, everything went on sale, so I would buy all the Christmas presents in August on the Vineyard. People got interesting stuff.

Vineyard house – Originally part of the New York Yacht Club. The house where we stayed before it was restored.

Now we don’t go to the Vineyard — and we also don’t give much in the way of Christmas gifts, either. If someone really needs it, we can’t afford it. If we can afford it, they don’t need it.

Basically, these days, being a spendthrift would mean spending any money for anything unrelated to fixing the house. There’s no “fun money” lying around. Being a spendthrift was a lot more fun than being “house poor.” Although I dearly love our new bathroom, I wouldn’t object to a vacation, either.

I was a lot younger, too

I’d like to get some good graphics software for my MacBook Air, but all the good “full service” software that normally works on a Mac won’t work on this one. The MacBook Air is the lightest weight “real” computer made. It’s incredibly light. To make it so lightweight,  Mac removed a lot of stuff.  It weighs less than my more solid (older) 10-inch Kindle with its Bluetooth speaker. It also has a very small hard drive (half a gig SSD) and it feels kind of fragile. I’m very protective of it because I don’t think it would survive a serious fall onto a hard surface.

I wanted it so I could process photos while we were out of town. Without hauling the big Dell which weighs like a cinderblock. As it turns out, I can’t do it anyway. Either the hard drive is too small and the application won’t fit, or it doesn’t have the right graphics processor. Everything in the machine is rather miniature. It wouldn’t make much of a difference if it weren’t for photography. Photographs use a LOT of space.

I’ve been saved from myself. Most of what I want doesn’t exist.

Left: Bonnie, Right: Gibbs

Except for the vacation. I’d really like a long vacation. But we’ve got three dogs, two of whom are getting old. I’m not comfortable leaving them for long periods of time.

Never mind. We’ll save tons of money and enjoy that new shower!

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21 replies

  1. I ‘think’ in my head a vacation would be great, but then I start reviewing what has to be done before and the issue of flying and how really not fun it is anymore, and I just grab a good book and start reading. 🙂 Your updated bathroom sounds like a great way to spend vacation money, and you get to enjoy it every day all year long.


  2. Yes, indeed. I’m with you, a new shower!!! I like that!


  3. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes but as we get older we don’t want to rough it camping or take the cheapest form of travel or stay in the crappy hotels where you don’t have proper facilities so it all gets more expensive. I paid for my two cruises out of savings but I know I can’t keep doing that. Until I can sell the house and move I have to dip into that money more often than I would like to pay council and water rates because my benefits won’t cover it. I tell myself that I don’t mind because now Cindy is 13 I’d be anxious leaving her for too long. She’s in excellent health but she’s old and kennels cost money too.


    • We’ve got three — and kennels are expensive — times three. And Bonnie is losing her sight, Gibbs has slowed down a lot. Both dogs are 12 and aside from Bonnie’s sight, are good. But you can’t take a nearly blind dog elsewhere. She knows her way around this house, but put her in a different environment and she’d be lost. Meanwhile, we aren’t selling this place, but it needs a lot of work. I think we’ve done as much as we can this year, so I sure do hope the chimney will make it through another year.

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  4. You spent it when you could enjoy it Marilyn. Those memories are priceless now.


    • Yes, I know. But I somehow didn’t think my house was going to start crumbling. I thought once you fixed it, it stayed fixed. I don’t know why I thought that, either. My parents were always redoing the house.

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      • A house is just one of those things that is in constant need of something….


      • Same here, We paid too much, not knowing in what a terrible state it was, invested a fortune (our fortune) in it to fix it all, and now we can’t sell it, although we sell it cheaper as when we bought it AND discounted our very heavy investment too. A total loss as it is – and I don’t want to hear anybody saying any longer that the only investment you can’t lose is ‘stone property’ – because YES, you can. All my pension money and pre-inheritence money from HH’s side – all gone!


  5. A proper holiday? I wouldn’t mind one of those either… particularly somewhere by the sea where I could take Ani with me. ..


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