FOWC with Fandango — Whistle

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart (1944)

“Just put your lips together and BLOW!,” she said.

He blew.

Note: Lauren Bacall’s “real” name was Betty Persky, but Humphrey Bogart’s name was Humphrey Bogart, Jr.

22 thoughts on “YOU KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE, DON’T YOU? – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Yes, it does. But her friends referred to her as “Betty Bacall”.

      Another example: Stewart Granger’s real name was James Stewart. You see the problem, right? Friends, like Richard Burton, referred to Stewart Granger as “Jimmy Granger”.

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        1. Actually, there’s a movie union law that two people can’t use the same name on screen so Stewart Granger had to change his name since someone else had it. It’s a union rule to keep actors from completely confusing viewers.

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    1. Bacall was catnip for Bogie who didn’t suffer fools.
      In a long ago interview, Gregory Peck admitted his affection for “Betty’s sharp sense of wit”.


  1. And in those days an effort was made to keep the names neutral. No ‘foreign sounding names’ –which covered a LOT of territory, and unless you were a comedic actor, you got a name that was more ‘suitable”. Judy Garland, for instance, was Frances Gumm.

    Found this, it’s obvious why the names were changed, partly for simplicity sake: Let’s face it, Leonard Slye sounds more like a raggedy looking gangster than a singing cowboy, right?

    1. Frederic Austerlitz: Fred Astaire
    2. Benjamin Kubelsky: Jack Benny
    3. Edward Israel Iskowitz: Eddie Cantor
    4. Lucille Fay LeSueur: Joan Crawford
    5. Harry Lillis Crosby: Bing Crosby
    6. Frank James Cooper: Gary Cooper
    7. Ruth Elizabeth Davis: Bette Davis
    8. Milton Berlinger: Milton Berle
    9. Nathan Birnbaum: George Burns
    10. Doris Kappelhoff: Doris Day
    11. Frances Smith: Dale Evans
    12. Leonard Slye: Roy Rogers
    13. Norma Jean Baker: Marilyn Monroe
    14. Frances Gumm: Judy Garland
    15. Archibald Leach: Cary Grant
    16. Margarita Cansino: Rita Hayworth
    17. Joseph Levitch: Jerry Lewis
    18. Dino Crocetti: Dean Martin
    19. Ruby Stevens: Barbara Stanwyck
    20. Julia Jean Turner: Lana Turner
    21. Marion Morrison: John Wayne
    22. Bernard Schwartz: Tony Curtis
    23. William Beedle: William Holden
    24. William Henry Pratt: Boris Karloff
    25. Béla Blaskó: Bela Lugosi
    26. Asa Yoelson: Al Jolson


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