We were hoping for some color in the leaves. There was a bit, but not much. Still, the cows were out and more importantly, the cats were everywhere. It is surprisingly difficult to get good pictures of cats. They sit very still until that final moment when they turn their head so all you get is the back of their neck.

But this beauty sat nice and peacefully for me. A happy cat on a happy farm!

Shooting through a wire fence, these are impressionist chickens. Need eggs?

The barn and road is always beautiful. Just about when I started shooting, the clouds thickened up and the light started to go away. We just made it back to the car as the rain began to fall.

The farm road. Follow it if you want to see the horses.

And this was the last shot before the drops began to fall. No rain predicted, but it still rained.

The barn and corral and our car, tucked in the corner. happy weather watching.

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20 replies

  1. Beautiful photos and nicely done.

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  2. Garry wanted them to look like paintings, so it was my job, as the processor, to “get the look.” Despite having a lot of filters to work with, it can be surprisingly difficult to get a particular “look” for a picture. It’s especially hard to get white that isn’t yellowed or pinkish or slightly brown. Whenever I succeed, I feel very satisfied 😀

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  3. Love the impressionist chickens!

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  4. They all look like lovely paintings that should be hanging on the walls. Beautiful effects.

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  5. Beautiful pictures. Very arty.

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  6. I think they turned out very well-

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  7. That painted effect is very nice in a farm scene.

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