THE ZOO ON THE DECK – Marilyn Armstrong

They announced on the news that another 2 or 3-degree rise in temperature will cost us about 3 million birds over the next year, especially sea birds like seagulls as well as eagles and hawks.

Growing chipmunk

I don’t want to think about it. I knew from the number of birds I’m NOT seeing this year that the weather is already killing them. They are here, but in greatly reduced numbers and many birds are missing.

Chipping Sparrow

Downy or Hairy? Could be either!

We have quite a little zoo going on out there. We have the usual birds. We have a couple of nervous squirrels (they will calm down and refuse to budge) and now, every day our little (but growing fast) chipmunk.

Carolina Wren

Titmouse in the Autumn leaves

Mostly, I’m seeing Rose and White-breasted Nuthatches and several kinds of woodpeckers. Also a few wrens, titmice, and Goldfinch. None of the little red finches have come back. No doves. I saw one Blue Jay. No Robins.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

We have lost 30 million birds over the past decade and stand to lose another 30 million during the next five if we don’t get the temperature down.

I feed them, but it’s not nearly enough. Please, if you have any room, put up feeders. The birds are not doing well and backyard feeders make a huge difference in the birds’ ability to survive, especially in colder climates!

8 thoughts on “THE ZOO ON THE DECK – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Water, we have aplenty. Unless there is a drought, there’s water everywhere, so I don’t keep extra for the birds or squirrels. But food — they really do need it. We are losing birds at an enormous rate. Between the destruction of their habitat and the heating of the earth, they are disappearing and doing it fast. That’s why I’m hoping a few people consider putting up a bird feeder is not such a major event that you need special skills to do it. It is a small thing, but it matters. It will matter more with each passing month. A world without birds? Without small furry creatures? Is this a world or are we building ourselves our very own cage?


    • I keep hoping a few people will take the hint. It doesn’t need to be a big feeder and many of them attach to your window so you don’t even have to go outside to get it. Also, birdseed is available at grocery stores and any feed and grain store. And you can get a lot of joy from it, too.


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