By the time we got through with the bank and the grocery and the pharmacy, I was ready for an ambulance.

The years really do catch up with you. I was so tired, I hadn’t even brought a camera with me.

Of course, Marilyn just happened to have a spare travel size Leica in her purse that she let me use.

This is the “end” of peak foliage. Beautiful, but it loooked like a golden snowstorm.

Colors by the Blackstone.

I really liked that little camera. Since I have a record of adopting Marilyn’s stuff and keeping it, she sat me down and said: “You can’t have the Leica. I love you and you can borrow it, but I am not going to give you my Leica.”

Marilyn taking her own pictures.

Time to watch the water ripple


Now those are Autumn specials!

I couldn’t even argue the point, but what a nice little camera it is! it’s doesn’t have as long a lens as some travel cameras, but it doesn’t distort images, the colors stay true … and you can clip it in your pocket. Well, not yet. But I’ll talk her out of it. In the end, she’ll give me the camera.

That’s love.

The Boyz


    • Alli, great idea — the calendar. And, HEAR this — all of Marilyn’s people!

      Her Leica is SAFE. I borrowed it ONCE and was absolutely bowled over by its performance. I told Marilyn how pleased I was with her Leica and said — ‘maybe, I could use it again, sometime’. Does that convict me — with a life sentence and no hope of parole? Yeesh! Somebody, get me Alan Dershowitz on the landline which isn’t bugged.

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    • New England in autumn IS special. Have you ever noticed how often movies and TV shows from this area are taken in autumn? It’s only a couple of weeks. I bet they have to fit a lot of filming into a very tight time period 😀


    • I don’t think anyone else gets autumns like New England. We used to travel up here from New York just to see the leaves change. It’s actually called “leafing” and it’s a thing. Something about the air. Not so much along the shore, although we once had a week in October in Hyannisport that was stunning, but mostly slightly inland and a bit above sea level.

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  1. Lovely photos. Mr. Swiss has a Leica, but never uses it. I could if I wanted to, but stick to my Nikon and have a handy little Canon. The years do catch up on you, Mr. Swiss celebrated 80 years yesterday, but is no longer as active as he was. I am a few years younger, but one day I will probably also have my problems. In the meanwhile let’s keep going, and I really admire your photo sessions in the great outdoors.

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  2. Goodness, some of these pictures should be featured on a calendar, they’re so beautiful, and they capture the season perfectly. Well done!

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