ONE MORE SUNSET #16 – Marilyn Armstrong


Yes, I know my numbers are out of order. That’s the price we pay for trying to work with material coming from the other side of the world. Posts show up late, sometimes a couple of days late and since I can’t control when they wind up in my “inbox,” I just do the best I can. Hope no one minds!

The west-facing road that passes our house and travels from route 146A all the way to Johnston, Rhode Island, a big area for antiques. I don’t go there because I’ll buy something. I don’t go to antique stores, book stores, or art galleries. These are places I find irresistible. Not only do I not have extra money to spend, but I need more antiques like I need a hole in my head.

Along this little road are at least three small towns, all located on a waterway. There is a lot of water around here and it all flows south towards the Atlantic Ocean and exits via Narragansett Bay. Which is, of course,  the outlet of the Blackstone River and almost every other river and stream in the Blackstone Valley.

On the road to Rhode Island

In case you didn’t know, the Blackstone Valley runs through two states. It begins at the head of the Worcester Hills in Massachusetts and continues through Rhode Island until it runs into the ocean. Along its route are more rivers most of which are tributaries of the Blackstone. Also interesting are the ponds, lakes, streams, and rivulets, often unnamed. Just more water.

Route 98 runs through inhabited areas. Lots of small farms and tiny groups of homes too small for maps to name them as a village, though most places have a name. A few have no names. They are simply a crossroads with a shop and a couple of houses. But of course, we have towns that look like that too.

12 thoughts on “ONE MORE SUNSET #16 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Agree wholeheartedly on visiting Antiques stores, bookshops, artshops and galleries…. I also find, more and more, that you live in a region of quite exceptional beauty, even though it wouldn’t be for me at all (too far away from everything). Love what your eyes see.


    • It would have been too far for me when I was younger. Too far from restaurants and museums and theaters. But when we moved here, traffic wasn’t nearly as bad, so it was just a little over an hour to get into Boston and the prices for parking weren’t so crazy. Now, the traffic and parking have gone through the roof. Even if we lived there, we would feel trapped. The past decade has changed things a lot, especially the roads.

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    • I have a LOT of dolls to rehome. I don’t suppose you live anywhere near me by any chance? I have antique dolls carefully wrapped in tissue paper just waiting for someone to take them away.

      I just checked out your blog and see you have a lot of good books. I wish I was better able to read print than I am now. I buy books, but I can’t read much, so I wait for them to be redone as audiobooks. And I’ve finally beat myself up enough to stop buying books I know I won’t read. It’s frustrating because many books I would like are not done as audio and probably will never be. It also didn’t tell me where you live, which was what I was looking for. Oh well. You know where to find me. I think everybody knows where to find me these days!

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      • Your thoughts on these classic books are most interesting, Marilyn. I don’t like Lord of the Flies either but find it horribly fascinating so I thought I would try it again. I have added The Red Badge of Courage to my list as I am currently writing a war book and thought it might be helpful. Sadly, I live in JOhannesburg, South Africa so I am not a candidate for your dolls. I wish I was. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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