Kindred Halloween Spirits – Garry Armstrong

A lot of people around here get really enthusiastic about Halloween. Here are a few from Sutton, one of the really prettiest of our nearby towns.

Ghosties and ghoulies


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  1. Becky, you should watch “The Wolfman” The Universal version from the 40’s with Lon Chaney, Jr. in the title role. Old friend, Bela Lugosi has a featured role — no, not as ‘Dracula’. Check it out. It’s a hoot!

    Becky, “Listen to them – the children of the night – what music they make”. Check it out, Becky. No, it’s NOT “The Wolfman”.

    Becky, has anyone offered to suck your blood?


  2. I got a few battery-powered jack-o-lanterns out, some led candles in the window, and an extension cord to connect to my two whirl motion lights (one green spiders, one white ghosts). I also got some ceramic pumpkins from Pier 1 a year ago and put tealights in ’em for my porch steps. But that’s about it.

    If I didn’t have congestion today, I would’ve put on one of my Halloween costumes and just walked down my street for no reason, waving at people. Probably would’ve got a bunch of WTF? looks or laughs. Kinda what I’ll be going for, because people are about to snap from the tension and I don’t mind being laughed at in those circumstances.

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    • I think everyone is just about to snap. It has been an awful, scary, painful year with so many losses. We’ve been lucky to not have lost any personal friends to COVID, but we’ve lost a lot of people to other things. Cancer, mostly.

      We are so off the beaten track, there is no point in putting up decorations. There aren’t even any sidewalks or streetlights. No one walks on this street. Too dangerous with crazed drivers barreling up the road from Rhode Island despite wrongly banked turns — and this being the most lethal road in this region. Twists and hilly with a tendency to ice up. But I do enjoy other people’s decorations when I get to see them. It’s nice that a few people still have a spirit for doing it. I’m pretty down about just about everything, so its hard to convince myself it’s worth the effort.

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      • I’m out-county, so it’s a long, straight road without too much traffic. What traffic does come definitely doesn’t go “school zone” speed, but you can hear and see ’em coming down the gravel easily. There are enough kids and dogs around that drivers keep their eyes peeled, even if going a tad too fast.

        I just did those bits of decoration (so minimal and over 100 feet from the road) because we don’t get trick-or-treaters–the churches do the fall festivals because the houses are too far apart and parents don’t wanna hang in the road waiting for kids to come back. We hadn’t had trick-or-treaters in 20 years around here, but considering some kids are going back to school this week, and it’s a high-tension period… yeah, something to break up the crazy sounds good to me.


    • Chatty, it would be sad if you get “WTF” looks from people. Sad testimony about the lack of knowledge about our favorite horror tales from a time when our world was young. Today, they’re too engrossed with vapid emojiis about vapid people.

      Dracula would be bummed out.

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      • Ah, true. But usually the look just lasts a moment and then there’s some chuckling or “oohkay.” Maybe it’s the idea of wearing a costume around when it’s broad daylight and NOT specifically Halloween. But hey, if it’s funny and a good dose of stress relief that requires no alcohol or drugs, who cares?

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  3. How cool! I’m glad a few still enjoy some silly fun, and everything isn’t so serious! Thanks for sharing those!

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  4. I still see a lot of people doing the Halloween thing. Kids will always be into it. That’s what it’s about around here mostly. Still possible to have some fun!

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  5. Our neighbour across the street has the sign 2020 and some skeletons around it. I guess that 2020 was pretty scary and deadly as well. I wondering if many children will be out for Halloween or can I eat all the candy?

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    • Yeah. That’s a bit ghoulish, but I can see his point. I think you can eat ALL the candy, so buy stuff you like πŸ™‚

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    • Leslie, 2020 has been scarier than any of those old horror films.

      The kids are supposed to do virtual trick or treats. How does that work?

      I vant to suck your blood. Sorry, Our Drac watch is getting to me.

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      • Chuckle …guess you’ll have to do that virtually too….

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        • We live on a road where NOBODY walks so decorations are pretty, but no one but us ever sees them. It’s walking on the street. I can’t count the number of times a fast moving car almost took me out while I was trying to get our mail. It’s a dangerous road without streetlights. Garry nearly did himself in in my Acura — my last really cool car — by wrapping himself around a telephone pole not 300 yards from home. There was a light snow falling. I asked him to PLEASE not go out. He did anyway. He got a massive concussion and that was with a seat belt — and he totaled my Acura.

          It was the second of my cars he totaled. I always wondered why he was always driving MY car when he hit something hard. That last telephone pole collision slowed him down a lot. He was lucky he lived through it. Some neighbors saw the wreck and called an ambulance. He was in no condition to use a cell phone — I’m not sure he was even carrying one. He mostly used it at work.

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          • Yikes! I wonder if it would be a good idea to invest in some of those solar “path lights”, but put them near the driveway or ditch to clue people in that they need to keep to the road best they can. Especially if they’re not gonna put lights up or reflector poles or something to help people see better as they drive along. That’s scary. There’s very little light on my road, too, but I’m close enough to the main drag that I don’t worry too much. There’s one streetlamp (or security light) WAY down at the other end of the road close to the cul-de-sac. Dad got a security light installed by the light company a few years ago because of all our outbuildings, but it was angled to where it would illuminate the road a little, too, which has made things a touch safer on this end. I’m surprised people don’t end up in the ditch as soon as they turn onto our street. There’s a short, sharp right curve before it opens up to the rest of the street. The fun part is trying to turn into the road when somebody’s trying to leave it, but almost sitting in the middle of the darn thing where it’ll be tight to get around ’em… and they glare at you as if you’re the problem.


            • We have an automatic light that turns on down by the garage and lights that turn on automatically after dark for the winter when we have to park at the top of the driveway because of ice early in the morning. We had those other non-electric lights, but they don’t stay on very long. Especially in winter, when it isn’t sunny all day and nights are long. But the night lights are a big help, at least for getting from the car to the house, but not much help out on the road. It really is VERY dark around here if the moon isn’t up. The good part of snow is that it makes the nights brighter. Fresh snow is very bright.

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          • All those close calls…they never listen do they?

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            • There are signs all over the road that warn “wrong banked turn” and “People LIVE on this road.” The death toll on THIS road is exceptionally high. No matter how often they plow it, it still gets icy, maybe because it’s so curvy AND hilly. Very pretty and before it gets plowed, almost like living on the moon. But for a car? You really NEED a 4-wheeler.

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        • Okay, come a little closer, Leslie.

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  6. awww now these kind of Halloween decorations I like, specially the second one. Wonderful squares

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