The heaviest ever snowfall in October in Massachusetts fell between early this morning and this evening

We are setting weather records. Four inches of heavy, wet white stuff fell here in Snowville, U.S.A. This is because we don’t (normally) get snow in October. What was weird is that I had been noticing the winter birds weren’t here yet. No juncos so it can’t be winter. This morning when I got up and took a few pictures because I figured it was going to stop any minute. Then I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke Garry at 10 in the morning, the snow was falling heavily and I said, “Well, I think maybe you aren’t going to the pharmacy or the bank and Garry said: “Yup, not going out today.”

And he didn’t. Then I took about 400 pictures of birds and a squirrel and a few trees, just because the snow on them was so beautiful. The leaves on the oak trees hadn’t even changed yet, so it was snow on green leaves and the birds were going wild for the food. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so crazy at the feeders. I think when it snows, they are afraid and need to keep eating so they won’t freeze.

I wanted to post 31 pictures to celebrate the month, but even though I’ve been processing more or less all day, except for the time I took taking the pictures and making supper, I didn’t get 31 square ones done. Some pictures just don’t want to be squared. But I did my best. Next time is January? Full winter by then. It’s our coldest and usually snowiest month of our year. I hope we aren’t up to our hairline in snow!

Meanwhile, overnight, the juncos came back. They must have heard about the snow from some other bird.

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  1. Loving these images Marilyn 🙂


    • The birds have been hyper active since the weather turned cold. Today, as it warmed up a bit, they calmed down. It’s kind of weird because I’ve been feeding them for a few years already and never seen them get so crazy about food. I’m honestly not sure why. There’s a lot of food in the woods, too. Tons of acorns and other seeds. They would not be starving even if I weren’t feeding them. Maybe they know something I don’t know.

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  2. Whew, my condolences! I know the snow will come, but geez. Is it feast or famine in Massachusetts? You had that long dry spell and now record breaking snows. I guess Nature balances herself out in the end. Take care and stay warm and dry! Thank goodness your boiler and your backdoor were done in time!


  3. You beat us this year. Hope I don’t see that white stuff for another few months.


    • We get a LOT of snow here. More than in Montreal. It has something to do with the snow clouds rising up over the Worcester hills and then the valley drops way down below it and they drop tons of snow. There may be a few inches everywhere else, but WE get clobbered. It’s a very local thing.

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  4. Gorgeous pics, and not surprised you didn’t get all 31 done. You have so many photos to process.

    Thank you so much for joining us again for squares. Never the same without you and Garry xx


  5. Astonishing. Our stores do not even have bird food supplies yet and no trace of snow, not even in the local Jura mountains.It is not really cold enough yet and I am not sorry.


  6. Just pass your climate. it will warm up some next week, but the word is in. Winter is waiting for us by the front door.


  7. They promised a long cold winter. I guess it is so and beautiful pictures.


  8. Wow you got snow already! Only a week ago you were talking about how nice autumn has been. Poor birds I guess they were taken by surprise too.



  1. The End, Kinda! – The life of B

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