FOTD – November 10 – Foliage

Another day at another doctor. We are at doctors four out of five days this week. Garry has to get his hearing aid fixed and is long overdue for a lot a hearing tests, though how well they will go since he hasn’t been able to hear properly for more than a month. It just took that long to get an appointment. We are playing serious catchup, medically. And Wednesday, I’m getting (I hope) my first spinal injection. I want it to work but I’m also a little nervous about it.

So I brought the camera with me to the doctor today since there wasn’t much else to do in the waiting room. It was the last day of real color in the trees. By the time we got home, the leaves were gone and everything except the oak trees were stripped. Fall is ending — but it’s summertime warm outside. Really warm. Shorts and tee-shirt warm!

Can you tell I was on an upper floor?

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  1. It’s snowing here again. Not sticking, and just light flurries, but it’s snow. It’s cold. Looking at that beautiful scenery has warmed my soul anyway. Thanks!

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  2. The leaves are pretty well gone here but the weather is summer like and GLORIOUS! It might end tomorrow but today we will take great delight.

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  3. We must have sent the last of our summertime weather eastward to you — it didn’t get to 70 here today! I actually turned on the heater today, for the first time since last winter! Your colors are still very nice!

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    • It actually went up to 80 here and will again tomorrow. it was great. Didn’t even need a sweater or jacket. I know the weather will suddenly turn one day from summer warm to winter cold. It often does that in November, often in a mere matter of an hour or two, but until it happens, it’s just lovely.

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  4. Yes..I could tell. Lovely color..that I haven’t seen in years.

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    • It’s pretty funny after the 6 inches of snow we got just a week ago. November is when the weather changes for real, often in a really short period — like while you are eating lunch. You go in dressed in your summer clothing and come out and it’s WINTER. I remember it happened to Garry and I in Boston one year. We went into the Bulfinch for lunch. Stayed an hour. Came out and it had dropped down from 80 degrees to 30 degrees during lunch. We RAN home.

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