Nothing. I’m trying to decide whether to make lamb curry tonight or tomorrow night — I think tomorrow — and whether or not I need a sweater. It was really warm this morning, but it’s getting colder as I sit here. I think that’s what they predicted on the weather last night.

Garry and I each had a big slice of Owen’s great homemade wheat bread for breakfast. Homemade bread is more like a real meal than just bread. Garry got through both slices. I faded at 1-1/2. There’s nothing “fluffy” about homemade bread. It’s definitely real food.

November woods

I don’t have anything much to say except that the cold is coming on and my bones don’t much like it. I read the first part of an article from AARP about COVID in which descriptions of the symptoms are just about every symptom I have already from something else or from something chronic. I think I’m just going to wait this out and hope they get the vaccine here sooner rather than later. I also realized that this is the first year we didn’t watch anything seasonal on television. We just went back to watching “The Queen” and trying to figure out the relationships in the family — who slept with who and who is descended from or cousin to or niece of, or perhaps, nephew. Oh what a tangled web they wove.

Have a nice relaxing day. Don’t go shopping. Keep warm (or, if you’re on the other side of the world, cool) and hope this year will not become several years and by next Thanksgiving, we’ll have something significant for which to be grateful! I’m counting on it.

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  1. I’m working. Where I listen to Xmas Muzak.
    BUT … I get to help people … and get paid for it!


  2. I hope so too, Marilyn. Our infection rate is still down so we can visit family and friends and everything is open, we have to wear masks and use hand sanitiser. It is the law here and although we have a criminal element, most South Africans are very compliant. I think I’ve had Covid when I was sick in March this year. Both my boys were also really ill as well as my mother. My dad and my husband got off lightly. In retrospect, I really think we had this virus, but it was early and there were no tests available in SA at that stage.


  3. 2021 has to be better than this, doesn’t it?


  4. We can at least be grateful for homemade bread. And Shipt Shoppers who bring emergency groceries to your door so you don’t have to go outside. I salute your fortitude and commiserate with the every-symptom-seems-like Covid to me state of existence. Every time I cough, I think, “Oh no. I’ve got it!” The vaccine can’t come soon enough!

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  5. I just got the mail and have a check I need to deposit fast, but I’m either gonna do that late tonight or early tomorrow to get away from the stores and traffic. The grocery store is just down the road and if there are a few staples I can stock up on for cheap, i’m gonna check my cabinets and top everything off. I’m also looking in my books to see about canning stuff, so I’m gonna have to get more of those, too, and spend most of the weekend trying to make my own stuff.

    I’m trying to kick the sugar habit and get away from certain trigger foods, which means I need some replacements pretty quickly before I run down the road for junk food. I’m curious what will turn out. It’s gonna be an afternoon stuck with the rain outside (it’s been relentless today, poor dogs want to go play but they don’t like the rain) looking through my cookbooks to see what I could make for the next few weeks and can. I think there are plenty of cool recipes, like salsas and whatnot, but I can’t figure what I’d eat them on or with, so I gotta be judicious on canning choices.

    But hey, I did say I was gonna try something new this holiday. And here we are.

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    • I’m just enjoying NOT writing anything. It’s going to be a dry day tomorrow unless I can gear up and find something i want to say. But to be fair, I’ve been posting daily for 8 (close to 9!) years and I’m just tired. I don’t want to stop, but I want to post when i have something to post rather than posting automatically. It’ll be hard on my stats, but after I pass a million, I didn’t think I had anything more to prove.

      My son has gotten serious about baking. This last loaf of wheat bread is delicious, but two slices is a meal, not a snack. I used to do a lot of canning, or more to the point, jarring. I had an incredibly abundant pear tree and I learned to make pears. Pickled pears and brandied pears. Pear pies and just plain pears and all the neighbors took home bushels of pears too and STILL there were too many.

      It slowed me down on the jarring/canning process. I haven’t grown anything that needed serious jarring in quite a while. Maybe next year, I’ll try strawberries, but frankly with all the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, I’m not optimistic. On the positive side, I’ve been cooking for me and everyone in the vicinity for more than 50 years. I think not doing it is okay, especially when my son is so good at it šŸ™‚

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      • I decided to slow down and not start canning this week. I gotta find things I enjoy cooking first (and have a whole page of recipes I wanna try out the next few weeks). Went shopping this morning and got a bunch of fresh stuff that fits what I already have in the cabinet. Once I figure out flavors and stuff (and clean out space for canning supplies and canned goods better), then I’ll get into it.

        The only thing I want to do (other than get healthier) is make a living writing. I need to get on the ball and get my stories written again, it’s just been so long, but with all that’s going on in the world, I am less and less comfortable being in close proximity to people on a daily basis and have to find work-from-home opportunities soon. This whole holiday is a work in progress and budget-tightening study. It’s gonna be interesting.


  6. In recent years they have taken to having Black Friday sales here. I’m mystified as to why because we don’t do Thanksgiving. Any excuse for a sale I suppose.


    • That’s actually kind of funny. I have never been to a black Friday sale. When we used to go down to the Vineyard in the summer, I used to buy all my gifts right at the end of the season when stores were closing. I got some really creative — and hugely discounted — gifts. Now that we don’t go there, I have always bought online. But this year, we are totally flat broke, so everyone will have to survive without our gifts. I don’t understand this whole “holiday shopping madness.” I always favored one really special gift than piles of stuff that was never going to be used and might not even survive Christmas day.

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      • I don’t give many gifts now, something for Naomi and for a couple of friends. I sometimes donate to a charity in lieu of gifts for David’s family or I send them a couple of bottles of wine to share on Christmas Day. As Naomi and I are both collectors we generally try to find each other something related to what we collect. I generally start looking for that after Naomi’s birthday in August. When I used to buy a lot of gifts I’d try to shop through the year so that any last minute shopping was only for small gifts like chocolates and toiletries. I do agree, I’d rather have one really good gift than a pile of things that I might not use.


  7. We did nothing as well except let the dog take us for a walk.


    • We watched all of yesterday’s holiday comedy shows. Garry is reading a book I bought him for his last birthday in April. To be fair, i bought him several books — big thick books all about Hollywood, his particular passion. He read the slimmer ones first, but this one was waiting. Finally, he made it into the final quarter of the book! As for me, I’ve been reading news and ads for black Friday sale, then not buying anything. I’m the kind of shopper they hate.

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  8. It is hot and humid here in Florida. Sunday night we go into our version of deep freeze: temps in the low 30’s.


  9. We are in a “red zone” so everything except the grocery store is pretty much closed. Wish I had some of Owen’s bread.


    • He’s gotten pretty good at it — fast. I knew he would. He likes cooking. He had never baked, so he was sure it was very complicated. It isn’t. You know if you get a countertop convection oven, it make baking a loaf of bread really easy. As long as you’re home anyway…

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  10. It’s a great do-nothing day.


    • Perfect. And neither of us has ever done a Black Friday shopping trip. I’ve been shopping online since we stopped going to the Vineyard. I see no reason to change that.

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      • Amen! Black Friday is so stupid to me, at least, the overreaction to it. When they started the Cyber Monday thing, that worked so much better. Hell, I used to get ornaments for my bestie’s kids as they were growing up from Hallmark (I used to work at one), and I’d buy those in October when they first came in and just leave ’em til mailing ’em off after Thanksgiving every year so it could hang on the tree longer. Otherwise I never bothered.

        Besides, how the hell some people find a way to hide a 100″ TV for a month from their kids and spouse is bizarre. Why not wait two weeks for the sales to come back? If they’ve got inventory to move, you better believe they’ll knock prices down.


        • We used to shop a week AFTER Christmas when EVERYTHING was on sale. But that was when we were working and we actually needed stuff for work. Now, we don’t go anywhere and rarely go anywhere — and since quarantine, nowhere at all. I needed shoes. Garry has gotten thinner and needed new jeans. Owen needed boots. But that was pretty much it for the family.

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          • I feel ya there. That’s why I’d annoy my friends by saying I didn’t need anything (usually didn’t because i was such an impulsive buyer), but gift cards are fine. Those after holiday sales really stretched that money out big time, and sometimes it was months before I found something I wanted, so no biggie.


            • We’ve just getting stuff we wanted. It wasn’t much. I needed new sandals and throught they might be cheap now. Garry gotten really skinny and needed jeans that actually fit — and lucky for him, they NOW my stretchy jeans for men, too. Oh YAY. No mink coats.

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