I feel safer having gotten at least the first half of my vaccination and even better that Garry has gotten both shots. So why — and everyone wants the answer to this — should we still need masks? Double masks at that and meanwhile, at least two states are happily opening up completely without any consideration to the likelihood that a lot of people will get sick and many will die — including people who never chose to remove masks or make themselves vulnerable. But of course, that’s the thing. The disease has no brain. It does its thing. Mindless. Heartless. If you are a body and it can get into you, you will get sick.

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These days, there are so many variants of the COVID, it’s impossible to know exactly how much immunity was conveyed by people who caught it and passed it along. W don’t know if the severity of the infection changes the degree of immunity or alters or even eliminates it. We know our vaccines do convey immunity to a substantial degree even to the variants about which we know, but we can’t know how the virus will mutate in the future.

Funny how things change but don’t change

COVID keeps changing, so it’s rather it’s like my pneumonia vaccine. It will protect me for 10 years against the 13 most common strains of pneumonia, but there are many more strains and I have had it again, though just once. I haven’t gotten it every year — like I used to — and I haven’t had the flu since I’ve been getting vaccinated annually. I know it’s possible because no flu vaccine is 100%. They will keep you from getting the worst case of it, but the flu is a COVID-type disease and it mutates every year. When they create the flu vaccine, they take their best guess as to what version of the flu will run amok this year. Sometimes, they are right on target and others years, not so much.

Even in 1920, it wasn’t gone. Actually, it’s still with us, just mutated

COVID is tricky and treacherous. The states that are fully opening now are likely to have a major resurgence and their resurgence can spread to other states. Fast. It’s possible it will come back everywhere to some degree. That’s what is happening in Europe now. It seemed to be going away so everyone relaxed and now, it’s coming back. You can’t outwit a virus because viruses have no wits.

Too many people apparently don’t care. They don’t think they can get sick or they think the disease isn’t serious. Sometimes it isn’t serious, but sometimes — for no reason at all — it is lethal. Some folks have died while claiming it’s all a hoax — which is too bizarre for me to wrap my head around at all. My best guess — and it really IS a guess — that COVID will become a shot we need annually. I want to be wrong, but it’s mutating quickly, I don’t see how it could be otherwise.

COVID won’t vanish.  Aside from it’s ability to keep mutating, we aren’t taking it seriously enough. That alone guarantees its durability. Bubonic Plague has never gone away. It’s not a virus, so there’s no vaccine for it, but it can be killed by big (very big) doses of specific antibiotics — assuming the diagnosing doctor recognizes it is Bubonic plague. Plague’s been around for a few thousand years. Probably longer. Its appearance was the beginning of the end of the Roman empire under Justinian.

Pandemics and plagues change the world. Even when they are contained, they aren’t over except for smallpox which we seem to have eliminated and maybe, eventually, we’ll be done with polio too. Mostly, plagues are contained, but never conquered. Bubonic plague showed up this year in Mongolia. It previously showed up in Texas. It exists and if you catch it, the odds are very high it will kill you before anyone realizes what’s wrong with you.

I feel safer now that we are vaccinated  or nearly vaccinated, but I’m not sure I’ll ever feel completely safe. The next pandemic is already lurking. Somewhere. We just don’t know where it lives or what it will do to us, but it’s just waiting. As our climate changes and fire, flood, drought, and storms rage, we will be more vulnerable. If we maintain our current level of ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity, we can be sure we won’t be any better at managing it when it hits.

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  1. Having the shots at least means you can mix with people you know who have been equally cautious . You will have a bubble as they call it here. I think masks will be with you for a long time because you can’t be sure that others will do the right thing. If I lived in a large city and had to use public transport at peak times or visit crowded stores I would certainly feel I needed to wear one. I’m fortunate to live in a place that is nearly normal and only have to worry about hand sanitiser at every place I visit and leaving contact details everywhere I visit.


    • Also, one of my readers pointed out to me that if you didn’t catch COVID, you also probably didn’t get sick at all this year. No one had the flu. No one caught a cold. No one we know got sick. It turns out that the mask keeps out a LOT of germs, not just COVID.

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  2. I live in Texas and am not happy at all about the guv’s dumb plan.


    • Being stuck with the Federal government is bad, but our state government is even worse because they have such a direct impact on your life. I’m still baffled about our governor’s way of handling the vaccine rollout, especially considering that this is the best-educated state in the country — by far — and he treats us like morons.

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  3. Somebody came up to me recently and said that masks don’t work and the whole thing is a scam.
    I asked her: “Have you had a Cold this year?”
    “No.” she answered.
    I asked her: “Do you know anybody who has had a Cold this year?”
    “No.” she answered.
    I asked her: “Have you had Flu this year?”
    “No.” she answered.
    I asked her: “Do you know of anybody who has had Flu this year?”
    “No.” she answered.
    That was the end of the conversation.


    • True. We have been less sick this year than EVER in any winter I can remember. We probably should always wear masks in the winter. Also, it kept my lips from drying out and cracking, but the constantly fogging glasses was a pain in the neck. But fogging glasses are a small price to pay for NOT getting sick.


  4. Hi Marilyn, I agree with you 100%. I had swine flu two years ago and it was not a joke. I was very sick and I have a flu vaccination every year. I am also very alarmed at what is happening in my country. People think Covid is over here and we don’t even have any vaccinations [well, a few for the healthcare workers, but very few to date]. People are ridiculous how they listen to everything a politician says. If government says we can open up, then of course we can. How could they ever be wrong? Meanwhile, when are they ever right.


    • We have systems without checks. Without personally checking every dump that comes out of their mouths or fingers, we have no way to know, either. Since they have all discovered they can say whatever they want and it doesn’t have to be true or even potentially factual, they all do. — even the ones we LIKE. Trump led the charge, but all over the world, the politicians saw an opportunity and did the same thing.

      When are they right? Some are, but it’s hard to tell who when so many are not merely wrong, but completely nuts. They’re all out for their own careers (and money!) and don’t care about us, not even a little bit. Will this end? If we got rid of ALL social media, maybe — but that’s not happening. Anything they got rid of they would replace by something worse. I’m sure of it.

      We have a world where anyone can say anything. Even if there’s proof positive that it’s wrong, who is listening? People believe whatever the thing most benefits them personally. Worst of all are those who don’t even read it but hear it third hand from someone else. It was wrong and now with the rumor mill running at top speed, it’s totally crazy.


  5. I got my second vaccination yesterday, but I’m going to continue to wear face masks, continue to social distance, and continue to limit going to public places like grocery stores. It’s crazy and stupid (i.e., political) to remove mask requirements and to open everything up at this time. Unfortunately, we’ll learn the hard way…again.


    • We do seem to be a hopeless species. Not merely are we not doing what would be good for us nationally, but we are destroying our world and each other. I feel like pretty much no one really cares. Or at least, not enough people. What do I think? I think we’re going down in flames is what I think. Soon or a bit later. Garry doesn’t want to go anywhere. He doesn’t trust anyone to do the right thing and while I think for a while, after we are both vaccinated, we are probably safer than we were, how safe IS that? At least we can visit friends who have been equally careful. That’s something, anyway. But honestly, I am not seeing light at the end of this tunnel. I just see more tunnel.

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  6. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m under surveillance; at no time am I more certain than when reading a reflection like today’s. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. Some people are optimists. Others are pessimists. Neither is fully engaged with reality. Unlike optimism, hope is not a cheery blindness to reasons for despair. Unlike pessimism, hope rises despite all evidence that makes optimism illusory.

    Thanks again, Marilyn. Love to you and Garry,


    • Maybe humans have finally proved that we are unworthy to have our own planet. I have a sense of fear and doom and gloom that weighs on me when I’m awake and even when I sleep. We are in a dark tunnel and I don’t see a light up there. Not EVEN the headlights of an oncoming train. Usually, I can see a way out, but there’s so much wickedness around us, I wonder if there’s any hope of reprieve. I really WANT to hope, but every time I think maybe things are getting better, I realize they aren’t. I don’t ever remember feeling like this. Our poor grandchildren growing up with this as “reality”! How awful is that?

      Love to you and yours. At least we can still love each other. That is our best bottom line.


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